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First newsletter of Programming Shaka Shaka - Issue #1

First newsletter of Programming Shaka Shaka - Issue #1
By Kevin Peters • Issue #1 • View online
Hey y'all 👋
First of all, thanks for subscribing to this blog. It means a lot to me :)
So let us start on what we are covering in these newsletters:
I am a Software Engineer for many years and focus a lot on writing code. But the longer I am in this industry the more I appreciate another thing: Learning. The internet is full of information and most people do not utilize the internet in a way efficient for them. Personally, I am trying to do this correctly and I learned a lot this way. During my computer science degree, I used the Internet a lot. Not just for university tasks but also to learn outside, to see what the real world looks like when it comes to Software. I was a “fanboy” of .NET Core back at the time. I was fascinated by all the open source solutions coming up. Project Rider, an IDE for .NET Core that ran cross-platform. Reading the first time about microservices and why they are good. Many great examples of how they work in the real world. It was and still is a good learning opportunity and I want to give back. Open source is probably known to everyone reading this newsletter, but what becomes more important is open learning to me. The ability to share content and help other people with their problems or giving another perspective.
So what I will help you with? I am a Senior Software Engineer at Klarna these days. One of the biggest fintech companies in Europe. On top of that, I also have some side projects that I work on from time to time and share my progress, my thoughts, my plans to grow, and many other bits and tricks.
I cover these topics with a monthly review. The current one can be found here. It explains how I got around 5.5k users instead of 2.8k on my blog, how I have created a blog for, and what are my actions for the next month to grow this side project and
So let us start with the rest of the newsletter, sharing my most worthy links of the month.

Software Engineering
The #1 tip to familiarize with new JavaScript Codebases
It takes more than great code to be a great engineer.
Atlas: Our journey from a Python monolith to a managed platform - Dropbox
SaaS Resources
How to Grow Your Startup on a $0 Marketing Budget | Product Habits
Ahrefs Academy: Blogging for business
Our SEO Process - How to Reach 200,000+ Monthly Traffic
Duolingo's delightful user onboarding experience—personalization, gamification, and a friendly mascot
I hope you could find some content that helps you in one way or another. And now cheers. The next newsletter should drop in the beginning of May, but maybe there will be one in 2 weeks as well. Let us see.
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Kevin Peters

Want to improve your JavaScript/TypeScript knowledge? Wondering how to build side projects efficiently? Or dreaming about getting into an international tech company? This newsletter should give you some insights into all of that. I am a passionate blogger for almost 4 years and try to cover these topics regularly.

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