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By Kevin Anderson, digital product manager

Kevin Anderson - manager, digital products and platforms - @ ideastream (NPR/PBS) with experience on staff and as a leader at BBC, Guardian, and Gannett.

Kevin Anderson - manager, digital products and platforms - @ ideastream (NPR/PBS) with experience on staff and as a leader at BBC, Guardian, and Gannett.

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Have we been doing newsletters wrong all this time? PLUS Why publishers should pay attention to Pinterest and Understanding the why of newsroom automation

A lot of good analysis this week on building a media business. has a piece on why publishers should include Pinterest in their revenue plans. As Shalet Serrao points out, Pinterest has more active users than Twitter, and it has a loyal audien…


Video still a focus for publishers (even as TV revenue in the UK is predicted to plummet) PLUS "A learning roadmap for product people"

Sorry for the delay yesterday, but Revue was having a funny five minutes - actual funny few hours and wouldn't publish. Fingers crossed that they have worked out the gremlins today. My friend Chris Sutcliffe at What's New in Publishing casts an eye back on 20…


Reuters Report 2022: Revenue up, audience down; Instagram up, Facebook down and the challenges of attracting technical talent PLUS lack of new hit podcasts

My friend and former manager Nic Newman has his annual journalism trends report out under the aegis of the Reuters Institute, and as usual, it's full of interesting insights. One thing that would be interesting to unpack would be 70% of journalism leaders are…


LinkedIn on 'hiring spree' PLUS US local media co-op collapses, lessons to be learned

BusinessInsider reports that LinkedIn is beefing up its content team as it tries to encourage people to spend more time on the platform. In addition to its news team, it is also looking to hire a "40-person team for creators". I'm also flagging up coverage of…


The New York Times tries to add more fuel to growth by buying Athletic sports site PLUS How publishers are trying to offset ad revenue decline

I've created a gift link from the FT allowing the first three people who click on this story to read it based on my FT subscription.


Justin and Ben Smith 'Global Newsroom' has some scratching their heads and others spitting PLUS Five principles for product managers

I guess I wasn't the only one who was left a little unimpressed and feeling that there was a lack of information about Justin and Ben Smith's newly announced global newsroom start-up. Some of B. Smith's former staff at Buzzfeed are less than impressed about t…


Social media interactions with news dropped 65% in 2021 PLUS a new global news outlet to launch amidst industry consolidation

Data from NewsWhip showed that social media interactions with news articles dropped by 65% but that doesn't mean that traffic to news site dropped by that much. Axios reported that traffic to news sites only dropped by 8% from 2021 to 2020. There is a lot to …


How NFTs netted media millions in 2021 PLUS Axios unveils the breadth of its local ambitions

The secret? Philanthropy and grants.


Instagram Ctrl+C+V TikTok: What Meta's copy-paste strategy will mean for social media PLUS Ransomware attacks on media underscore need for security training

I'm back! I handed in my dissertation at 21:14 EST on 21 December, and for the first time in two years, I don't have to think about the next master's course and the next paper. I would say that I'm thinking about how to apply what I learned, but I was applyin…


Why Publishers are Adopting Twitter Blue (and Why Twitter Needs a new Business Model) PLUS Lessons to Learn from a Zero-to-Six-Figures-a-Day Social Media-Fuelled Entrepreneur

Of course, there is a lot going on with Twitter right now as Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO. But is that enough for the micro-blogging platform to reach its full business potential? Stratechery Ben thinks they need more than just a new CEO:"Given that impact, …


Why Journalism Products Generally 'Not Up to Scratch' by @petren PLUS 50 Ways to Make Media Pay by @damianradcliffe

My friend Nick Petrie has some excellent observations about newsroom change but actually news organisation change. A good teaser would be these two lines:"So why is both our journalism and our overall product experience generally not up to scratch?It’s partly…


The Challenges of Scaling for Indie Publishers PLUS 'Troubleshooting in a Newly Converged Newsroom'

Piers Bearne of Collingswood Advisory talks about the challenges of scaling a business, any business, but with this post from What's New in Publishing, he focuses on the publishing sector. He makes a lot of points that anyone who has run their own business - …


The Philanthropy Edition: Lesson #1 Philanthropy is One Revenue Stream Not a Silver Bullet PLUS Major Metro Non-Profit Newsroom Launched in US

Philanthropy is taking on a greater role in US journalism as the continued decline in newspapers leaves major holes in coverage. The Lenfest Institute held a summit on philanthropic support for journalism and lays out great lessons. One that I like: No doesn'…


Study: Indie Digital Media Around the World Survived Pandemic Relatively Well PLUS Inside Vox's Editorial Strategy Revamp

What's New In Publishing looks at how digital media entrepreneurs fared during the pandemic and found that they did relatively well. Some of this was down to an increase in grants, but they have some detailed figures that paint a complex picture.What's New in…


Slower Loading Pages. 40% Less Revenue for Publishers. Developers Ask Why They Should Trust Google after AMP PLUS Why Do Publishers Try to Build Their Own CMSes?

Google and Facebook are coming in for a lot of scepticism after both have burned through goodwill due to a number of reasons. Sarah Gooding writes in WP Tavern that developers have lost trust in Google after accusations in an antitrust case that the search gi…


Lessons from an Unlikely Hit Podcast PLUS Competition Heats Up for Local Jornalism Philanthropy Funding

When you think about hit podcast topics, a Slovak podcast about Roma most likely don't enter into the top 10 things that immediately come to mind, if we're being honest. The producers of just such a podcast explain what they have learned. (Good to note: Break…


Three Innovative Revenue Strategies PLUS Adding User Psychology to Create better User Experience

As audience revenue becomes the key pillar of media sustainability strategies, innovation is abounding especially as the market becomes more crowded. has three innovative strategies including AI-powered 'pay gates'. If that isn't enough, my f…


Ways for Publishers to Overcome Innovation Roadblocks by @damianradcliffe PLUS Reasons Why People Drop Their Subscriptions

After looking at the barriers to innovation, my friend Damian Radcliffe follows up with a great article about a dozen ways to overcome those barriers. It's a great roundup of ideas for a who's who in journalism innovation. To build on what Damian has written,…


Case Study: How Agile Helped Drive 32% More Subscriptions at Local Newspaper PLUS How to Use SEO Techniques to Build Your Personal Brand

Also...more about the 'Meme Team' at the LATimes with editor Samantha Melbourneweaver talking about 'getting weird' online. (Hint: It involves bringing in talent from non-traditional backgrouds. It's another way to think about diversity. It's a good read.) Al…


How to Conduct Impact Mapping for Your Product PLUS How a Bloomberg Anchor Turned Start-up Founder Developed a Business Mindset

Do you know the difference between an outcome, output or impact? It might be critical to the success of your product. Mind The Product interviews Tim Herbig about how to do product mapping. (Note, the link takes you to an automated transcript that doesn't alw…