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Ways for Publishers to Overcome Innovation Roadblocks by @damianradcliffe PLUS Reasons Why People Drop Their Subscriptions

Ways for Publishers to Overcome Innovation Roadblocks by @damianradcliffe PLUS Reasons Why People Drop Their Subscriptions
After looking at the barriers to innovation, my friend Damian Radcliffe follows up with a great article about a dozen ways to overcome those barriers. It’s a great roundup of ideas for a who’s who in journalism innovation.
To build on what Damian has written, I am in the middle of the research for my dissertation for my master’s degree in innovation management. I’ve been interviewing product managers about their work, specifically their cross-functional work to align teams around the products that they manage. I’m just finishing up the interviews, but one thing that stands out: Without high level alignment, innovation fails and product managers aren’t able to manage the conflicts that arise out of that lack of alignment. Many of them will burnout, and I have spoken to a number of product managers who have left their roles in media organisations. It’s a small sample, qualitative study, but the results have a consistency that merits additional research.
Nieman Lab was on a roll yesterday with a number of interesting pieces. In case you missed it, one of the pieces that jumped out at me was about the reasons why people cancel their subscriptions.
Another thing to read and consider this weekend, Richard Tofel - the president of ProPublica - pushes back on the idea that hedge funds have killed journalism. It’s a provocative idea and his thoughts are worth reading. (No spoilers. Go read it.)
PLUS if you’re looking for a job, Poynter has some red flags that you will want to look out for before saying yes.

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