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Slower Loading Pages. 40% Less Revenue for Publishers. Developers Ask Why They Should Trust Google after AMP PLUS Why Do Publishers Try to Build Their Own CMSes?

Slower Loading Pages. 40% Less Revenue for Publishers. Developers Ask Why They Should Trust Google after AMP PLUS Why Do Publishers Try to Build Their Own CMSes?
Google and Facebook are coming in for a lot of scepticism after both have burned through goodwill due to a number of reasons. Sarah Gooding writes in WP Tavern that developers have lost trust in Google after accusations in an antitrust case that the search giant promised a lot with AMP but not only failed to deliver but also that Google worked to penalise non-AMP pages and impeded header bidding. This has left some developers to question new initiatives such as FloC. It’s really worth a read.
And my friends at What’s New in Publishing look at the range of reactions to Facebook’s Meta launch. A smart business move to create a division that focuses on the existing social portfolio and a division that focuses on their future business? It’s a classic move that allows businesses to simultaneously focus on exploitation and exploration, optimising their current business while experimenting with future opportunities. Or is it just a branding gimmick after the Facebook papers and whistleblowing over Facebook’s failure to protect elections?
PLUS the Press Gazette asks why publishers keep trying to build their own content management systems? From my experience, the business has to operate at a large scale to even consider this, and even then the investment brings limited results. It’s a huge investment, and a bespoke CMS doesn’t benefit from constant development that being part of a larger CMS eco-system can bring. It’s a classic build-versus-buy issue. It’s too bad that we in media often don’t read classic business research on these issues which so many other businesses and industries face as well.
This and so much more including how Americans are turning off the news after Trump. Murdoch’s UK empire has suffered a number of digital flops. Can it right the ship? A university has taken over a small-town newspaper in the US. Interesting. Speaking of Murdoch, Fox is betting big on blockchain.

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