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Six tactics to build a newsletter from 0 to 10,000 subs in three months PLUS A publisher steps away from Google's AMP and sees little downside

Six tactics to build a newsletter from 0 to 10,000 subs in three months PLUS A publisher steps away from Google's AMP and sees little downside
Hello, after a long bank holiday weekend here in the UK, we’re back. We’ve got a good round of practical articles about product thinking in practice at news organisations including tactics on hitting your email newsletter growth goals, a walk through why Tribune Publishing decided to ditch Google’s AMP format and where data teams sit in news organisations based on their organisational focus.

This is an example of a playbook that is well executed. None of the tactics are particularly novel, but when joined up, they have delivered results. I’ll highlight two of the six tactics. The first is just classic product development: User research. This identified the topic for the newsletter. And another tactic which we used to great effect in my previous job was paid leader generation through Facebook. Our costs were a little higher than in the study, but it still was a very solid way for us to drive subs.
What happened when we disabled Google AMP at Tribune Publishing? Shockingly little. So you should try it, too | by Kurt Gessler | Aug, 2022 | Medium
This is fascinating. One of the major drivers was how poorly AMP pages were at driving subscriptions, and they took back control over their mobile user experience. They found that mobile search took over most of the referrals, and they got rid of a lot of tech debt.
Data team placement depends on whether a media company is product- or engineering-led
Another good article of observations from INMA about the data transformation happening at media organisations. What is interesting to me is how there is a distinction made between marketing, product and engineering. Outside of media, marketing and product often are difficult to distinguish. You’ll even see roles such as product marketing manager because marketing teams have often conducted market research that fed into product development. In media companies, marketing is often seen mar comms - advertising and product promotion.
3 key questions about news needs, your content strategy and value proposition - WAN-IFRA
Dmitry Shiskin writes about his user needs model for WAN_IFRA. It’s a fascinating product model that Dmitry used to great effect at the BBC and has turned that model into a very effective tool in his consulting.
“It’s a Gold Mine”: Inside The Washington Post’s Big Hollywood Deal
Very interesting. The Washington Post has been mining its archive for creative projects ala All The President’s Men. I guess if anyone is going to make money from this type of work, it only makes sense for the paper to try to get their cut.
How much would you pay for this? NFT market in the dumps after exploding in popularity last year - The Globe and Mail
The market has crashed with trading volumes collapsing by more than 80%.
Twitter is letting some news publishers post customizable cards | Nieman Journalism Lab
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