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Publishers: Your Products Suck PLUS Podcasters, shorter is better, don't be so self-indulgent

Publishers: Your Products Suck PLUS Podcasters, shorter is better, don't be so self-indulgent
It feels like I am challenging a younger, more prone to grenade-tossing self. But the first two items in today’s newsletter resonate with me. Well, they strike a nerve, if I’m being honest. For the first item, my good friend Damian Radcliffe does an excellent job of summarising the latest Reuters Digital News Report. Two findings that he highlights: In the US, YouTube is the platform where most people consume their podcasts, which audience research that we’ve done supports. And podcasters would be wise to think about how much time people are willing to commit to listening to them. There is a sense that a lot of them are too long.
The next item triggers a bit of PTSD. Filloux of Monday Note fame excoriates publishers for lousy execution of their products. The thing that really hits for me is that most of these issues have been around and known for a long time - site search, personalisation, poor UX. I’m not surprised about site search because most people assume that you’ll find what you want on the site via Google rather than search on the site. But Filloux has a point in that e-commerce and streaming sites have cracked this, why not media sites? Good questions.

What the Digital News Report 2021 means for your audio strategy | RJI
Think about YouTube as a distribution platform and think about shorter.
Sorry publishers, but your digital products suck | by Frederic Filloux | Jul, 2021 | Monday Note
Site search, personalisation and that horrible ad experience where the text moves around with dynamic ad loads are just a few of the product issues that Filloux highlights in this piece. What surprises me is that a lot of these issues have been issues for years, and the technology to solve them is getting more accessible.
India’s Inshorts raises $60 million following Public social network app growth – TechCrunch
22 news innovators from the Middle East, Turkey and Africa
The Google News Initiative announces its next round of funding for this region + Turkey. It’s always fascinating to see what innovation is happening there.
How 100-year-old Architectural Digest is becoming a brand for a younger and more diverse audience
A good roundup of their work on YouTube and how they integrating e-commerce into their content.
Community impact report: Telling the story of the value of journalism - Local Media Association
“When it comes to telling the story of journalism and its value to the community, newsrooms might take a lesson from the nonprofit world. While journalists might naturally assume that people in their communities understand and recognize the value a local news outlet adds to civic health, nonprofits often explicitly answer the question of value via annual ‘impact reports.’”
See 9 of the best local news websites: 2020 Local Media Digital Innovation Award Winners - Local Media Association
A great roundup of excellent local news sites in the US.
The Atlantic thrived through Trump and the pandemic. The future is harder.
Cleveland’s Plain Dealer decided to “completely ignore” politicians’ “false statements and stunts.” It’s working. » Nieman Journalism Lab
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