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Lessons from an Unlikely Hit Podcast PLUS Competition Heats Up for Local Jornalism Philanthropy Funding

Lessons from an Unlikely Hit Podcast PLUS Competition Heats Up for Local Jornalism Philanthropy Funding
When you think about hit podcast topics, a Slovak podcast about Roma most likely don’t enter into the top 10 things that immediately come to mind, if we’re being honest. The producers of just such a podcast explain what they have learned. (Good to note: Breaking out from the interview format might be something to explore.)
Poynter talks about The Atlantic’s dive into newsletters. Streetfight discusses why chatbots might be failing for marketing and customer service, and it speaks to some lessons for editorial groups looking to use the technology.
One thing that caught my eye was a piece about a local US newspaper and their efforts to get philanthropic funding as another revenue stream to support their efforts. Seeing as I work for a public broadcaster that relies on philanthropy, trust me when I say that we have our eyes on the increasing competition in this funding space.
PLUS the New York Times is now boasting a million subscribers outside of the US. And if you didn’t see it, the New York Times has a large presence at the climate change conference in Scotland. Also, the Neeva search engine integrates NewsGuard, which provides “detailed ‘Nutrition Labels’ for thousands of news and information websites”. Also, the perennial discussion about whether comments on websites are worth it.

Why Are So Many Chatbots Missing the Mark? | Street Fight
How a fringe podcast became a hit: Learnings from its creator | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
The latest news outlet to dive into the newsletter pool – Poynter
6 lessons from The Fresno Bee on funding journalism: A conversation with Joe Kieta, executive editor - Local Media Association + Local Media Foundation
New York Times Adds 455,000 Subscribers in Third Quarter - The New York Times
Don’t read the comments? For news sites, it might be worth the effort. – Poynter
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