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How and why to conduct experiments to optimise your subscription offer page PLUS @damianradcliffe explains why you need a proper YouTube strategy

How and why to conduct experiments to optimise your subscription offer page PLUS @damianradcliffe explains why you need a proper YouTube strategy
David Tvrdon of The Fix looks at how major media companies have fine tuned their subscription offerings, and my friend Damian Radcliffe looks at the YouTube efforts of media companies, explaining why they need an intentional strategy when using Google’s video platform.
It’s a good round up of product led companies and thinking using data and experiments to build habits and grow revenue.

When was the last time you tested the performance of your subscription offer page? An analysis of top outlets - The Fix
David Tvrdon looks at the subscription pages of major media companies, and he shows how they have adopted the same methods as technology companies to test various approaches to maximise their subscription efforts.
3 reasons publishers need a dedicated YouTube strategy - DCN
Damian Radcliffe is right. YouTube has a huge audience, and yes, it reaches younger audiences. And he is right to highlight a quote from Nic Newman, the lead researcher for the Reuters Institute of Journalism digital media report, that most publishers have undervalued YouTube when it comes to their approach at reaching audiences. Some of this comes down to the fact that a lot of publishers think in terms of words, and YouTube is video focused.
The reality is that many approaches to YouTube and other highly trafficked sites isn’t very strategic. It isn’t like the purposeful product experiments that David highlights but rather just to have.a presence there.
Subscription Platform Zuora to Acquire Zephr in $44 Million Purchase
The question that this raises is whether we’ll see consolidation in the subscription technology space as economic times become challenging in the coming year.
Exclusive: The Block launches tokenized paywall
Distribution of content alone isn’t sufficient to build a business.
The Case Against Sunday Newspaper Magazines
Dick Togel is right. “…very little of that expense cutting is likely to be creative, to truly re-think aspects of print newspapers as their secular decline continues. Like most everyone else, I prefer growing revenues to cutting expenses as the best route out of difficulty.”
Charted: How has the UK consumer magazine industry evolved? Two decades of change
A good overview of how the industry has changed through the eyes of executives and analysts.
“Douglas McCabe, chief executive of Enders Analysis, told Press Gazette: ‘It’s an industry that during [the past ten to 15 years] has literally changed its definition.’
‘You would struggle to find a large publisher that would even describe itself as being in an industry called ‘magazines’. These businesses now think of themselves as passion businesses, hobby businesses or audience businesses.’
Twitter announces that podcasts are coming to Spaces.
Digital magazine and newspaper app Readly eyes 'sustainable growth' as it adds podcasts to mix
“It is now working hard to create habits and keep as many of those subscribers as possible with a drive towards innovation and being ‘product-led’.” And they see podcasts are part of their effort to build habits and revenue.
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