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Have we reached 'peak subscription'? asks @EstherKeziaT PLUS How to improve your approach to push notifications from @RJI

Have we reached 'peak subscription'? asks @EstherKeziaT PLUS How to improve your approach to push notifications from @RJI
With economic storm clouds building for businesses and consumers alike, publishers and media executives are casting their eyes to the horizon. Signs are that advertising is softening, but the picture is more mixed for subscription revenue. Esther Kezia Thorpe takes the temperature about his important issue for media companies.
And we look at puzzles, which have become an important way for publishers to engage audiences and an increasingly important part of bundled subscriptions.

With storm clouds on the horizon, what’s next for subscriptions? | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
Some publishers rushed to launch subscription products during the pandemic, according to Toolkits co-founder Jack Marshall, speaking to What’s New in Publishing’s Esther Kezia Thorpe. I love the detail about BMW launching a heated-seat subscription, and of course, so many podcasts I listen to have ads for all kinds of subscriptions. As someone who has been decluttering like mad after moving back from the US to the tiny-house kingdom of the UK, I can’t imagine why anyone who subscribes to things like Loot Crate.
For publishers who have come to rely more on reader revenue, the question becomes how durable this revenue stream will be and how they can retain the subscribers that they gained during the pandemic.
“Puzzles pair well with reading the news”: Why news outlets are getting into games (again) | Nieman Journalism Lab
One of the trends in subscriptions has become bundling, adding more to a subscription package or tailoring subscription packages to certain customers. Puzzles have become an important part of this mix.
It’s not easy to craft a push alert strategy – RJI
People might say that they only want their phones to buzz with the most important breaking news, but data from the Associated Press and an RJI fellow tell a different story.
Reels are hot, or is it just that Meta is pushing reels? Regardless, Meta has pulled back the curtain and explained what their algorithms reward. Do you ever feel like you’re in a giant Skinner box of Zuck’s making?
Ugh. Just ugh. If there ever was an argument for a Pi-hole, Taboola is it.
What is Google’s Helpful Content update? | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
Another look at Google’s latest search update. The search giant believes that haters of clickbait will rejoice.
10 Things Our Research Revealed About Public Radio and Millennials
Even if you’re not in public radio in the US, there are some fascinating insights here.
Tip: Top skills (and people) needed in the modern newsroom | Tip of the day
It’s a battle for talent out there, and whether you’re looking for a job or looking for the hire that will support your next round of growth, has a good overview of the changing needs of newsrooms.
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