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"Empowering editorial teams with product methods" PLUS Dynamic Paywalls Connect Potential Subscribers with the Right Offer

"Empowering editorial teams with product methods" PLUS Dynamic Paywalls Connect Potential Subscribers with the Right Offer
We start off with a cracking piece by CNN Design Strategist Lindsay Abrams about how to use prototypes, iteration and design thinking to create editorial products that better serve audience needs. Lindsay addresses some common misconceptions about design thinking and walks you through the process with a lot of detail. Keep this one handy.
My friends at What’s New in Publishing have a report on dynamic paywalls, which try to match subscription offers to users. Using machine learning and AI, the paywall adjusts what content is behind the paywall to encourage audiences to convert to subscribers.
And while we’re talking about paid content, we have a good roundup of successful paid content efforts in the US and UK from local to national.
PLUS In digital media, local news aggregator Newsbreak looks to bring some structure to its creator program. At the moment, they have about 3000 contributors but very little oversight. (What could possibly go wrong?) TikTok’s turnover explodes in Europe but so does it costs.
Also, Ozy looks like it’s turning into one of those monsters from a horror movie. It’s not dead yet!

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