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Email! Level Up Your Subscription Strategy and Flipboard's Move to Support Newsletter Subs

Email! Level Up Your Subscription Strategy and Flipboard's Move to Support Newsletter Subs
Phew! Power outtage here so this is a litle later than usual. Lots happening in the world of media. Telcos are sell cos when it comes to their media properties as Verizon in the US looks to offload bit of AOL and Yahoo they bought and BT is thinking about getting out of sports rights bidding in the UK.
Gannett (NewsQuest in the UK) is finally adding a digital-only subscription option for USA Today.
Also @damianradcliffe gives you nine ways to add audio to your text-based news operations.

WSJ News Exclusive | Verizon Explores Sale of Media Assets, Including Parts of Yahoo and AOL
Christopher Mims
In 2000 Yahoo + AOL briefly had a combined valuation of more than $400 billion in today’s dollars.

Also in 2000, Apple was worth about $7 billion (adjusted)

Now AOL + Yahoo are being sold for $5 billion and Apple is worth more than $2 trillion.
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Are the "melcos" unravelling? Verizon Explores Sale of Media Assets @WSJ reports, in UK, BT open to selling sports broadcasting
Flipboard Hops on the Newsletter Bandwagon
Flipboard shifts from programmatic display ads to selling newsletter sponsorships
Simon Owens
Was anyone else surprised to learn that Flipboard has a robust newsletter operation? I guess it makes sense as a way to keep users engaged even when they're not constantly opening the app.
USA Today Integrated Into Gannett Sub Plan
No longer a holdout for free, USA Today launches a paywall and digital-only subscription plan - Poynter
USA Today has quietly started putting some of its stories behind a paywall with a $4.99/month digital-only subscription (@rickedmonds / Poynter)
I’m still a bit baffled that when Gannett launched the USA Today Network with all of its local titles that they didn’t include their national flagship title. But now, after a very much belated digital subscription strategy, they are rolling USA Today into that strategy. I do wonder if they will bundle this with local or not. It would make sense.
Solutions Journalim Success Stories
The Top 10 Takeaways from the Newest Solutions Journalism Research | by Solutions Journalism | Apr, 2021 | The Whole Story
Solutions Journalism Network
Flip through the thread and you'll see solutions journalism building trust, knowledge and more. But we've collected even more in a quick and easy blog post.

In short: News about what's working is #newsthatworks for journalists and audiences alike. (9/10)
Emily Bell's Critique of Digital Platform Policy
Are Google and Facebook really the future of journalism? New Policies risk making it so - Columbia Journalism Review
Victor Pickard
Great analysis by @emilybell: "The rush by platforms to swiftly doll out hush money while also outrunning policymakers is a lost opportunity to create better bargains for newsrooms and the communities they serve." via @cjr
Adding Audio to Your Newsroom
9 ways newsrooms can incorporate more audio in their work | RJI
Damian Radcliffe
📢 I've just kicked off a new series that I'll be writing for @InnovationRJI exploring how local newsrooms can better utilize audio. In my first column, I identify 9 ways newsrooms can incorporate more audio in their work cc @dkiesow @kevglobal @frankwords
Good Ideas from News Change Leaders
New Guide to Help Activate Cultural Change for News Publishers Launched - WAN-IFRA
The Power of Email to Engage Audiences
68 percent of news website readers are first-time visitors: Piano - WAN-IFRA
Vincent Peyregne
Don’t underestimate the power of email, which is 2.5 times more effective in acquiring subscribers than users going directly to site.
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Kevin Anderson, digital product manager

Kevin Anderson - manager, digital products and platforms - @ ideastream (NPR/PBS) with experience on staff and as a leader at BBC, Guardian, and Gannett.

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