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E-commerce, ads and philanthropy: The many ways media are earning revenue PLUS the disappearing legacy of digital journalism

E-commerce, ads and philanthropy: The many ways media are earning revenue PLUS the disappearing legacy of digital journalism
Today’s items fascinate me because they demonstrate how much commercial experimentation is going on in media right, and it is across the board from new revenue streams such as the New York Times’ cooking kits (which you could argue is just an extension of the e-commerce trend) to philanthropic support for traditional publishers. And of course, with all of these new products, we are seeing media outlets experiment with what bundles are the most successful in converting audiences to paying customers.
Lots more today, including a reorganisation at the Washington Post of their audience and strategy teams. Semafor’s staff announcement, the social media platforms release best practice guides and Kara Swisher

New York Times to Sell $95 At-Home Cooking Kits Curated by Guest Chefs – The Hollywood Reporter
Exhibit number one of the New York Times’ revenue experimentation.
'The sustainable model': Rationalizing The New York Times' plan to go all in on ads with subs-heavy The Athletic - Digiday
Exhibit number two of their commercial experimentation.
How family-owned newspaper The Columbian raised more than $1 million through local philanthropy - Local Media Association + Local Media Foundation
As concerns about local journalism have become more acute in the United States, philanthropic support has not only increased, but it has expanded focus beyond its traditional focus of non-profits and public media. This practical piece looks at how these traditional publishers are dipping their toes into the philanthropic pool.
And if you want to raise some cash, you can always sell some newspapers. Gannett has been selling off many of its smaller properties, and groups like Cherry Road are only too happy to buy them up.
The rise of retail or commerce media
Why McKinsey sees 'commerce media' as the go-to media and marketing investment channel of the future - Digiday
This is a wide-ranging view looking at the wide array of efforts to drive sales through media, including the adoption by traditional media outlets of e-commerce.
Where Retail Media Went Wrong And How Newer Entrants Can Avoid the Same Pitfalls 09/15/2022
A more focused look at retail media, where brands or retailers create media to drive sales.
Data and analytics teams, newsletter teams, major projects teams to keep everything running, teams to coordinate with the business side and also product and emerging format teams - this reorganisation definitely covers the waterfront in a way that only a shop the size of the Washington Post can.
Semafor releases memo announcing team
Ben Smith
Thrilled about the team we're building @semafor, and just sent this out.

Sign up to be part of the launch.
Social media tips and best practice guide
Planet Money's Jack Corbett Explains His TikTok Strategy | Teen Vogue
How a 25-year-old with an interest in economics and a canny sense of production values that work on TikTok has become a sensation. If you’re looking to create news-oriented social media videos, this is a great piece to read.
It seems the season for the platforms to release updated best practices. First Twitter…
And next Meta.
Tips for producing short-form and long-form audio journalism | Media news
The different production process of producing bite-sized audio content meant for smart speakers or short breaks in people’s days versus the half hour shows that fit more neatly in a person’s commute. It’s worth thinking about where people are at and what they might be doing when you’re making audio content.
INMA: Growth mindset, real benefits among Gen Z workplace expectations
Yesterday, we highlighted an INMA report about connecting with Gen Z audiences, and one of their recommendations was that you have to hire people from the generation to produce content that speaks authentically to audiences from the generation. In this follow up, they discuss the different employment expectations from this generation.
The disappearing legacy of digital journalism
Kara Swisher
This is a thread on the ephemeral nature of content, who owns your work & why creators need to own their IP, which just hit home when I was doing research for my memoir on covering the rise of Silicon Valley. Why? Because most the work we did at All Things Digital has gone poof.
This really hit home as so much of the work that I did as a journalist has either disappeared behind a paywall, disappeared in old formats or simply disappeared. It’s a sad statement when you’re looking back over your career, and so much of your work is simply gone.
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