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Bringing Agile to the Newsroom (Test, Measure, Iterate) PLUS New Details about That Chicago Public Media-Newspaper Tie Up

Bringing Agile to the Newsroom (Test, Measure, Iterate) PLUS New Details about That Chicago Public Media-Newspaper Tie Up
We have an interesting case study from the Facebook Accelerator that looks at how a news organisation brought the Agile methodology to their newsroom. It might be Agile, but it’s also so rooted in product thinking with the idea of testing hypotheses, measuring the results and then making small course corrections based on the data. They were testing small ideas to grow their membership. Great case study to learn from.
In the US public media world (where I work), there were more than few gasps of surprise when WBEZ’s parent organisation announced that they would merge with the storied Chicago Sun-Times. There have been a number of interesting acquisitions by public media groups of local digital news start-ups, usually relatively small shops. But this was the first merger between a public media shop and a legacy newspaper. We have a fascinating interview, and as someone in public media, one thing leapt out at me - a passing reference to communication about the merger with the WBEZ newsroom. Trust me when I say that this could spell trouble. If leadership loses the support of the newsroom in a public media shop, that leadership can find itself looking for a new job. The culture of US public media is very worker lead, which can be a good thing, but that culture doesn’t like surprises. I hope for this audacious move that this doesn’t spell the start of cultural issues.
PLUS California’s new digital privacy chief says that email identifiers are a bigger threat to privacy than cookies. Ruh-roh! highlights three audio apps that make it easy to create podcasts using “your listeners’ voices”. More Facebook news. It is changing the way it measures ads. A poll says that Americans think the social network is contributing to a mental health crisis and should be regulated. Job alert for US-based folks working in audience and engagement.

40-50 New Hires ‘Expected’ after WBEZ Merger With Chicago Sun-Times | Local News Initiative
California’s new privacy chief could push for rules on email-based ad identifiers
Agile methodology in the newsroom: Facebook Accelerator case study with Native News Online - Local Media Association + Local Media Foundation
Three audio apps to turn your listeners' voices into podcasts and audio features | Media news
Facebook launches an ‘Audio’ hub in the US for podcasts, live audio and short-form clips – TechCrunch
Facebook makes changes to how it counts users for ad measurement
Job Alert - US based
Hannah Wise
Very exciting news! I am hiring for two senior audience and engagement roles on my team.


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