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In addition to the free newsletter, this additional level of content, priced around the cost of a few coffees per year, will afford me the time I need to share more of my experiences and content more deeply with you, my subscribers, first.

I will share deeper Insights, forward-looking technology information, and learnings from his Conversations, a new program I'm running with a few select clients, sessions I have been facilitating.

The areas of research I'm working on right now are blockchain, crypto, NFT, regenerative business models, regenerative agriculture, sustainability, shared knowledge graphs, decision making, cooperative organizational operations and structure, artificial intelligence, data operations(DataOps), and much more...

I will share detailed thoughts, ideas for implementation, amazing tools (sometimes before others know about them), experiences from live projects, and get off your butt and use this stuff motivation. :)

I learn by playing. I play to learn. I learned that from my children. So, let's hit the playground together.

Looking ahead, I expect I'll also run some members-only mini-events so we can actually interact live and have some fun. :) We'll make these what we want them to be together. I have some ideas already for some very cool things but let's figure out out together!

$ 5 per month
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