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“Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley” reaches a milestone!

“Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley” will always be special to me; it is my first published book, and my daughter, Alexa, is the cover model. My daughter, who is private and modest, agreed to pose in a weak moment, then felt an immediate sense of remorse and swore she would never do it again. But as time has passed, I think her regret has softened, and one day, I am certain she will be glad she agreed to be my “Elizabeth” for this book.
Three years after publication, DTaHaP now has 150 Amazon ratings with an average of 4.7 out of 5 Stars! This is a significant achievement for a book that had a disappointing start. The sales for this book were lackluster upon its release. I learned several possible explanations: P&P sequels are less popular than P&P variations; the “fantasy” aspect turned most Jane Austen fans off; and the word “Death” in the title further deterred them. (I love the title though, and could not imagine a better one.)
Nevertheless, I felt bad that my publisher put the time and money into a project that did not pay off, so I did everything I could think of to promote it. I did not pay for advertising, but I contacted tons of bloggers asking them to review and took advantage of any offers to “spotlight” the book on their blogs. I managed to get “Historical Fiction Magazine” to review and received wonderful praise for the book before the magazine sadly folded. In addition, I received a review and recommendation by “The Historical Novel Society. I also entered the book into award contests and it won several of them. Although I am thrilled that the book won awards, I do not believe they made a significant difference in sales.
Before publishing DTaHaP, I did not use social media much. But I became active on Twitter, grew my following, and connected with many wonderful people. Promoting on Twitter does result in a few sales here and there, but the financial payback when compared to the time I spend on Twitter is miniscule. I would not spend so much time on Twitter if I did not enjoy it. If you are curious enough to check out DTaHaP, the link is below:
Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley: A Pride & Prejudice Romantic Fantasy - Kindle edition by Miller, Kelly, Taylor, Janet, Bowes, Carol S.. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
Review: A Christmas Wish by Sabrina Oyinloye!
“A Christmas Wish” is the third book I have read by Sabrina Oyinloye, @OyinloyeSabrina, and I am certain it will not be the last! This is an affecting story that can be enjoyed any time of year and will leave a lasting impression. Here is my Goodreads review:
Kelly Miller’s review of Christmas Wish: Do You Remember When...?
Review: Calixta by Omayra Velez!
“Calixta: The Vanquishers of Alhambra” is an ambitious dystopian fantasy with dark themes. It is the first book of a bold new series by Omayra Velez, @OmayraVelez6. This story is not for the delicate or squeamish, but fans of dark romantic fantasy will delight in this tale. See my Goodreads review:
Kelly Miller’s review of Calixta: The Vanquishers of Alhambra
Spotlight on Sonoma, CA
One of the great things about living in Silicon Valley are the wonderful destinations easily reached by car. One such place is Sonoma. Sonoma is part of wine country, so the wineries are a big attraction, but if you want to go wine tasting, you must make reservations in advance. On a previous trip, we visited General Vallejo’s historic home at 363 3rd St W. It is a Victorian house imported from New England in 1851. The most memorable attraction for me was the pond in the backyard that featured koi fish and a ton of turtles!
On my most recent visit, we focused on dog-friendly attractions. We stopped at Sonoma State Historic Park located at 20 E. Spain St #5729. It is located near Mission San Francisco Solano (at 114 E. Spain St), across from a park and surrounded by shops and restaurants. Sonoma State Historic Park consists of six historic buildings including the two-story Sonoma barracks.
Alexa and me at Sonoma Barracks
Alexa and me at Sonoma Barracks
Another memorable and puppy-friendly spot in Sonoma is Cornerstone Sonoma, an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and a public garden located at 23570 Arnold Drive. We loved walking through the beautiful gardens! The below photos are from there:
Alexa and Lacey
Alexa and Lacey
This pond had minnows and polywogs.
This pond had minnows and polywogs.
Tiger swallowtail; photo by Alexa
Tiger swallowtail; photo by Alexa
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