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Weekly newsletter of 💜Kelly Miller💜Regency Romance Author 🐎🐕🐇🐈 - Issue #21

My first book baby turned 3 this month!

"Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley" is Three!
In honor of my book’s birthday this month, here is a character interview I wrote for the blog tour:
Featured Interview: The Fascinating Mr. Graham
By Zoey Mills, Senior Writer, The Daily Looking Glass Online Newspaper, San Jose, CA
On June 6, 2019, I had the privilege of conducting an interview with Mr. Graham, the mysterious angel of death and breakout star of the new romantic fantasy novel and Pride and Prejudice sequel by Kelly Miller, Death takes a Holiday at Pemberley
Having read the book, I could hardly contain my excitement when the scheduled interview with Mr. Graham showed up on my calendar. The way this interview got scheduled is no less enigmatic than the angel himself. To this day, I do not know who contacted him―no one in the office took the credit for making the arrangements.
My crew and I arrived at the designated meeting place early to set up the interview area with a variety of food and beverages. Mr. Graham’s arrival was precipitated by a dazzlingly brilliant flash of light, similar to a bolt of lightning, followed by a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, and the angel came into view, my legs grew so weak and shaky, I had to grab a nearby chair to remain upright. I had known, of course, to expect an exceedingly handsome man, but I was unprepared for the full force of his allure. It took all of my concentration to look away from him. It is impossible to describe his appearance in a way that does him justice. When I discussed the subject with my crew afterwards, we all thought he resembled a movie actor. However, we all named different actors as being Mr. Graham’s near-twin!
Eventually, I gathered myself and welcomed Mr. Graham to California and thanked him for coming. He had arrived precisely on time. The stunning, blond gentleman was dressed casually, in J Brand jeans, a Rodd & Gunn button-down shirt, and a black leather racing jacket. He greeted me with a dazzling smile and heartily professed his pleasure in meeting me. My heart ran a wild race as I shook his hand. He was fascinating, gorgeous, and compelling. His hypnotic blue eyes beheld me with such warmth that I quite lost my breath and became tongue-tied.
I recovered from my lapse by the quick thinking of my assistant, who pinched my arm. I introduced my crew to Mr. Graham, and then invited him to make himself comfortable on the sofa where I had a table prepared for him with the refreshments. He peered with great interest at the food provided and asked me to identify the various food items. Then he proceeded to fix himself a heavily laden plate filled with avocado toast, fish tacos, and assorted doughnuts.
After filling and setting down his plate, Mr. Graham turned to the assortment of coffee and tea drinks we had brought. He lifted one in his hand and stared at it with wide eyes—it was clear he was unfamiliar with drinks popular in the 21st century. At his inquiry, I identified the drink as a black-and-white mocha Frappuccino. Mr. Graham released a raucous laugh, before stating it was the most ridiculous-sounding name for a beverage he had ever heard. However, from his first sip, he declared it to be delicious and amazingly refreshing. He took similar enjoyment from the food items, and his favorites among the selections proved to be the doughnuts, especially the raised, glazed variety.
Before the interview started, Mr. Graham warned me that there would be a number of subjects that would be off limits. He named all of the topics I was to avoid, forcing me to cross over half of my prepared questions off of my list. What follows is the entirety of the interview.
Z Mills: Many people are unfamiliar with angels of death. What precisely does an angel of death do?
Mr. Graham: When mortals pass away, we attend them and ensure their souls are escorted to their designated locations. Alas, I am not at liberty to divulge the precise details of these final destinations. Suffice it to say that some people go on to more agreeable places than others. (He lifted another beverage from the table.) What do you call this beverage?
Z Mills: That is a hazelnut iced latte. During your sojourn at Pemberley, who took over your duties for you in your own world?
Mr. Graham: Hmm, this is very good too; I can taste the hazelnut! Anyway, there are many of us who handle this work. Because of all the wars you mortals continually get involved in, and the occasional natural disasters, we have found it necessary to be prepared for many deaths to occur at once, and we have many more angels today than we did when I was at Pemberley. However, even back then we had sufficient angels on hand to ensure no soul would go unescorted during my holiday.
Z Mills: Since your stay at Pemberley in 1815, have you taken other holidays with mortals?
Mr. Graham: I have not. No other individual has intrigued me enough to entice me to leave my world again—aside from the occasional interview of course. Staying with Elizabeth…um…I meant Darcy and Elizabeth was a unique and unforgettable experience. On the other hand, I am not ruling it out. I never say never.
Z Mills: In Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley, you demonstrated to Mr. Darcy a rather startling example of your magical ability. Do you have other powers, and can you tell me about them?”
Mr. Graham: Yes, I have other powers, and no, I cannot tell you of them. Was that not one of the items I listed?
Z Mills: No, it was not.
Mr. Graham: Well, my mistake. I am sorry, but we angels must have our secrets.
Z Mills: It is clear you are an aficionado of food, and appear to be capable of eating far more than the average mortal. Do you ever gain weight?
Mr. Graham: No, I do not. You know, if you like, you may consider that a power we angels have on earth—no worry of ever gaining weight.
Z Mills: Many people would love to have that power! Are there other angels from your world who sometimes take vacations here on earth?
Mr. Graham: At any given time, angels are taking vacations all over the earth. I did it before it became popular, but now it is rather common in my world. (Mr. Graham stood) I am afraid it is time I took my leave.
Z Mills: Oh, well, I thank you very much for stopping by and answering my questions. It was very kind of you.
Mr. Graham: It was a pleasure. I thank you for the delectable food and drink. Do you mind? He swept his hand towards the food.
Z Mills: Please, help yourself.
(Mr. Graham filled another plate with several more doughnuts and grabbed a passion tea with raspberry syrup.)
Z Mills: You have a long trip back, I imagine.
Mr. Graham: In truth, I will be back in a flash, but I wanted to sample these.
Z Mills: You are most welcome to them. Good-bye, Mr. Graham.
Mr. Graham: Good-bye, Miss Mills. I hope to see you again…but not too soon.
Book Review: Trying by T.R. Hamby
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Featured Park: Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
My daughter and I recently took a hike at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve in Cupertino, CA. One of the great advantages of Silicon Valley are the many parks with hiking trails. Fremont Older is one of the parks that allow dogs.
However, we did not take the four-legged kids on this trip. They are too prone to attracting foxtails and ticks. Plus, both are getting old and might not appreciate the elevation in the hike we took! We did not see much wildlife on this occasion, just several lizards, but it was good to get the heart-rate up and be out in the wilderness!
If you should ever be in the area and want to check it out, here is some info:
Fremont Older Preserve | Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
This little guy crossed our trail.
This little guy crossed our trail.
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