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Kelly Miller: The Incidental Author, BIZBoost Magazine

The latest issue of #BIZBoost Magazine, @BIZBoost, features an interview of me. On pages 54-57, I answer questions about my writing, my next book release, and my brief singing career many years ago! To view the article on a laptop, you can put the page number you want (54) on the upper left side of the screen. On your phone, you may need to click the bottom right to open a new browser. Here is the link:
As featured in BizBoost Magazine
As featured in BizBoost Magazine
Featured Website: H. G. Ahedi
I wanted to spotlight the website of Author H. G. Ahedi, @HarbeerAhedi! H.G. Ahedi, also known as Harbeer, is the author of the Cranston Mysteries, The Realm science fiction series and more! At her website, you can find out more about her wonderful books and order a signed copy. Best of all, she offers a free short story, a fascinating tale of suspense called Stella! I highly recommend all of Harbeer’s books, especially if you are a fan of mystery or science fiction. I am excited for her upcoming release, Shadow Refraction, Book 2 in her Shadow Trilogy! If you have not already read Book 1, Shadow Pandemic, you should read this exciting thriller ASAP!
Harbeer also features reviews of books by other authors at her website, and has a blog where she posts about her writing journey. You can find her website here:
About – H.G. AHEDI
Seacliff State Beach, Aptos, CA
Since I have two dogs that love the beach, I am familiar with the beaches in the area that allow dogs, and Seacliff is one of them. A notable feature of the beach is the S.S. Palo Alto, better known locally as the cement ship. In my youth, we could walk from the pier onto the remains of the ship. Now, the ship is partially under water, and serves as a home to seagulls and pelicans. Still, it is a mighty fine beach with a visitor center that has informative displays and cute gifts.
Here is a bit of history about the cement ship if you are interested:
History of the Seacliff Beach Cement Ship | Local Santa Cruz
What remains of the cement ship today
What remains of the cement ship today
My daughter, husband and two dogs at Seacliff Beach
My daughter, husband and two dogs at Seacliff Beach
Keys to Eternity by Lali A. Love
I recently had the privilege of reading Lali A. Love, @laliaristo’s upcoming release “The De-Coding of Jo: Keys to Eternity.” Keys to Eternity is not only an entertaining dark fantasy, it also takes the reader on an amazing spiritual journey. If you have not already read the first two books, in the De-Coding of Jo series, Hall of Ignorance and Blade of Truth, now is the best time to read them! Look for this awesome new book later this summer. Here is my review:
Keys to Eternity begins in a high school anatomy class where the teacher leads a fascinating discussion on, among other things, Darwinism. It is soon clear that there is a rift in Jo’s relationship with her close friend Nisha. Nisha’s girlfriend, Alicia, has been spending much time with Jo of late perfecting her telepathic skills. Jealousy and insecurity has made Nisha vulnerable to a nefarious group with a deadly intent. Soon Jo, with help from her friend Alicia, gear up for a fight against evil with momentous repercussions. Jo continues her journey of spiritual enlightenment and shares her knowledge with her friend. But it can Nisha can be saved, especially after she facilitates the death of two others of their friends?
Keys to Eternity is a spellbinding dark fantasy; an intense tale of good and evil, enhanced by beautiful prose and innovative ideas. This is a triumphant and satisfying finale to Ms. Love’s fantastic series!
Lali A. Love's The De-Coding of Jo Series
Lali A. Love's The De-Coding of Jo Series
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