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Weekly newsletter of 💜Kelly Miller💜Regency Romance Author 🐎🐕🐇🐈 - Issue #18

Free Book Promotion Offer from LEKH Magazine, @lekhmagazine

I happened to see a tweet from @lekhmagazine offering free book promotion: Email us with your bio, book blurb and few paragraphs of the first chapter at I went ahead and did it and Lokeish responded right away and posted my book info for “Accusing Mr. Darcy” to his website. Thanks again, Lokeish!
If you would like a way to get more eyes on your book, you might wish to try it too! Here is the link to see what it looks like:
Accusing Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Kelly Miller - LEKH
Featured Book Review: Accessories to Murder
If you have not yet read “Her Name is Murder” by A. C. Merkel, @blink_drive, you are missing an enticing blend of magic, romance, and alternative history. I recently read the ARC for the latest installment of the series, Accessories to Murder, and it was a fantastic read. See my Goodreads review here:
Kelly Miller’s review of Accessories to Murder
Readers Favorite reviews Captive Hearts!
“This is the most perfect romantic, old-fashioned historical novel I have read for a very long time.” Reader’s Favorite has given my Persuasion variation, Captive Hearts, a 5-star reviews. See the complete review here:
Book review of Captive Hearts - Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest
A Problem with Goodreads
Goodreads has it’s issues to be sure, but overall it is in an author’s best interest to be on the site and seek friends/followers. This week, I had a frustrating experience when Goodreads forced a password change. They emailed a One Time Password, but it never came. I asked for the OTP several times to no avail. I asked for help at the Goodreads site and got an email reply instructing me to ask my email provider to search for the emails. I thought it was nuts…why would my email provider block a goodreads email when they send all sorts of scam emails to my junk folder every day?
I followed instructions to search for the emails but got no results. When I told that to the Goodreads rep who emailed me, she said she was unable to help me further and suggested I open a new account! That is just nuts. I searched the Goodreads site to see if others reported the same problem, and saw a tip:
add to your contact list. I did this and lo and behold, I got the emails and made it back inside my account!
Kelly Miller (Author of Mr. Darcy's Perfect Match)
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