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“Captive Hearts” is getting great reviews!

“And so, it was a grand story for a comfy coze, a solid tribute to Austen’s Persuasion, and most of all, a heartwarming swoony romance.”- A quote from the latest review, from Amazon customer Sophia Rose
If you would like to read more about “Captive Hearts,” you can find it here:
Captive Hearts: A Persuasion Variation - Kindle edition by Miller, Kelly, Taylor, Janet, Brown, Debbie, Pickels, Ellen. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
The Moonlit Warrior by E. P. Stavs
In her 4th and final installment of her thrilling Shendri Series, E.P. Stavs, @e_stavs has penned a triumphant finale! If you have not already discovered this wonderful fantasy series that begins with The Marked Princess, I highly recommend you get started at once! Here is my goodreads review of The Moonlit Warrior:
Kelly Miller’s review of The Moonlit Warrior: A Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Featured blog: Author Elizabeth Holland
You may not be aware that Romance Author Elizabeth Holland, @EHollandAuthor, has a blog entitled “Anxiety and Liz” in which she writes frankly about her mental health struggles. I think this is a great way to raise awareness on the subject and show the many people with similar difficulties that they are not alone. Check out Elizabeth’s blog here:
It Ain't Easy Being a Crow (or a Raven)
I am a lifelong animal lover, and my appreciation extends to the creatures that others might cringe at such as rats, bats, snakes, lizards, opossums, and yes, crows. Are all welcome in my yard (although not inside my house). I do not mind sharing our fruit trees with them, even if they do get a bit greedy at times. After all, we humans invaded land that they would otherwise claim for their own. It seems the least we can do is share our property with them. But not all of my neighbors agree.
On a recent walk with my husband, Tim, I was struck by a disturbing sight: a dead crow hung up on a tree. Tim, bless his heart, reacted even more strongly than I did. I assumed it was put there by the homeowners to keep crows out of the yard, as crows sometimes damage a lawn while they search for insects. But Tim could not imagine anyone doing anything so gruesome. He went so far as to knock on the door of the house to inform them about the dead bird. Luckily, no one answered. Later, when I searched Google, I found that this is a known practice to keep crows away.
Crows and ravens suffer from folklore that associate them with death or bad luck, and they are not pretty birds. Nevertheless, they are intelligent and playful. Researchers have equated their reasoning ability to that of a 7-year-old child.
Tim and I had an encounter years ago with a pair of crows that inspired me to write a short story. Since it is a “Pride & Prejudice” story set in England, I used Ravens rather than crows. Both species suffer similar bad reputations and misunderstandings. If you would like to read the story and the inspiration behind it, you can find it here:
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