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You are essential.

Hey Friends,
On Monday, I woke up with my mind racing up and down a to-do list that felt a million miles long.
I woke up knowing I could not do it all, but still tried to will my mind to come up with an unrealistic plan to make it happen.
I woke up wondering how to even form the words to let people around me know that I needed help.
And instead of trying to make my mind stop or telling myself to get it together-I cried.
While I was crying, I let the thoughts swirl and focused on my breathing too. I noticed those thoughts and just let them roam. Kind of like when my toddler throws a tantrum–hovering around but not trying to control the expression.
As I wiped my tears, I let it go. “It” being the pressure I often put on myself. I let the invisible expectations go. I let self-imposed deadlines go. I let some balls drop.
I reached out to a friend to share how I was feeling and she asked: “What is essential today? ”
What is essential today?
Turns out only a few things on this to-do list were essential for that day. Also, some things not on that list were essential too like resting and playing with my daughter.
I did those essential things. I allowed myself and that to-do list to rest, too.
If you find yourself feeling like I did Monday, ask yourself: What is essential?
On days when nothing makes sense, do what is essential.
On days when you are in a frenzy, lean into what is essential.
On days when it feels hard to do anything, focus on what is essential.
And remember this: You are essential.

Sharing is Caring
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