What is really hard about being still





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Hi Friends,
If you find yourself simultaneously yearning for and resisting being still, know that you aren’t alone.
I am learning that the act of being still isn’t what is most difficult about the practice of slowing down. We have plenty of techniques, affirmations, and apps, and so on. I know how to cultivate the space in my home for it. I know how to tap into it.
What really feels more difficult is that which beckons to us in the stillness. As I take these moments of deep pause, I am seeing priorities with more clarity. I am seeing where I need to plan the ending/release of things. Or as I heard someone say, having joyful funerals, for things that don’t align with my current and future goals and intentions.
I know this is will happen when I dive into the stillness. And I think my resistance starts way before I get to that point…as a way to pre-empt change which can feel uncomfortable.
So, I am re-orienting myself around discomfort and growth. Learning to detach from old feelings about what that means. Learning to notice how much joy comes from releasing and evolving. Beyond the discomfort has always been more peace and joy.
Anchoring to truth, gives me the courage to invite the stillness and dive into it.
I hope that you make space to be still with boldness and allow life to flow.

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