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What do you need to grow?

Happy February y'all!
As we quickly navigate the shortest month of the year, let’s not go so fast that we neglect our growth. Growth requires lots of fuel and rest. Think of a plant that sits for hours in the sunlight while needed to be watered. Or the newborn that eats and naps constantly throughout the day to grow strong. You require the same attention and nourishment as an adult. Repeat: you require attention and nourishment.
The first step to thriving is to simply pay attention. When do you feel depleted? When do you feel re-energized? Notice yourself.
This month face the sun and water yourself. As we move through Flourishing February, give more, not less, to your self-care practices. It is about asking what experiences make you feel alive. It’s about finding spaces where you are free to expand. It’s about seeing yourself in new ways.
Be generous with yourself. Find what fills you up. Then, drink constantly from that fountain.
Here’s to you growing and blooming.

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Flourishing February
This month’s theme is all about flourishing. What do you need to flourish in your life?
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