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What buying vitamins taught me about self care

I was doing some online shopping and vitamins were on the list. I wanted to try a different brand and was scrolling like a detective trying to find a clue. The packaging of a certain brand caught my eye. I had heard rave reviews about the vitamin (good flavor; high nutrient percentage; and didn’t need water of food to take them). I looked at the price and immediately took them out of my cart. Cause they were more expensive than the vitamins I usually buy.
Y'all want to know how much more they cost? $2.60!
I had the extra two dollars, so what was the problem? I felt guilty about this tiny splurge. Taking vitamins are a part of adulting and surely I didn’t need to get different vitamins if my current vitamins worked just fine right?
Wrong. I sat for a few moments and reflected on why I would enjoy these vitamins. Was that worth $2.60? Absolutely!
So how has it been taking my new vitamins? Lovely. I am actually remembering to take my vitamins! I love looking at the pretty bottle. And my stomach doesn’t feel yucky if I take them without food. It is the small joy I didn’t know I needed. Now, I am wondering where else can I make tiny splurges that have big impact?
Moral of this story: Being generous to yourself is a form of self care. Examine why you don’t allow yourself to have nice things (especially if it is not an issue with money and budget). Then, give yourself something nice. Tiny splurges can equal big impact.
What tiny splurge are you going to make this week? Hit reply and tell me about it!

Try This (Creative Self Care Exercises)
Step outside (or look at the window). Choose something that catches your eye. Observe it for a few moments. Now imagine that you can ask it any question.
Ask the question and then write down how you think it might answer. I just wrote a humorous response from a cricket that made me laugh this morning.
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“Daily Self Care for Moms: 4 Ways to Transform Everyday Life Moments into Simple Self Care Moments.” My latest for 30seconds. I wrote for their mom’s section, but the advice rings true for everyone who is adulting.
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Happening Tomorrow! July 14: Subjective Self Care & Play workshop with Aluma (cost:Free). Join me and Aluma, a women-owned business that helps moms practice creative wellness, for an Open House. I will be guiding the group through some self-care exercises and answering pressing questions about making your creativity matter as you juggle motherhood. You can still register for tonight’s workshop! Register here.
What I am reading
Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. I just started this book and can’t put it down. A young Black women is accused of kidnapping a white child-when she is actually the babysitter. A video of the incident goes viral and then kicks off a chain of events. Fiction imitating current events. And I am here for it.
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