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Hey y'all!
Remember the Online Business Playground Summit I had mentioned ? Well, yesterday my talk went live about reimagining virtual wellness spaces! It is so awesome to see Lizzy bring this to life. I have been learning so much from watching the short but powerful talks. If you didn’t get your free ticket, I encourage you to do that today so you can catch the last day of presentations happening today. If you want access to all the replays + special content from speakers, then I highly encourage you to get a Play Pass (this is an affiliate link-no extra cost to you + I only do this for things I love.)
As a result of yesterday’s talk, my email was pinging with new subscribers. I have 25+ new friends and I want to give you a warm welcome! I am so glad you made your way from the summit to the K. Cole Wellness community!
Allow me to officially introduce myself. I’m Kandice and I help busy people/organizations/practitioners to reimagine self care and wellness. I design and facilitate self care experiences that are creative, engaging, and joyful! I am also really passionate about helping people to show up fully when they teach or facilitate wellness (or sometimes other topics, too) workshops. We can create spaces that are inclusive, prioritize wellness, and are not boring y'all!
In this weekly-ish newsletter, I:
  • share self care tips for busy people. Self Care All The Time is the motto here.
  • Share ways that you can work with me. I am really good at thinking about things creatively and offering bite sized ways for folx to take action especially as it relates to self care.
I am glad that you are here and I look forward to getting to know you. Hit reply and let me know how I can help you. I am always open to sharing my journey and love hearing from you.
If you have been rocking with me for a while, remember that there are opportunities each day to meet new people who inspire and uplift. Move towards those communities, even if they initially feel unfamiliar. In true community, we can see ourselves and that is a powerful form of self care.
Have an amazing day!
P.S. If you want a chance to pick my brain about your upcoming event/program, then I have a special new thing I am piloting. Check out the Creative Brainstorming Office Hours and let’s make create something amazing!

Weekly Self Care Tip
[Social Self Care] Think about your social networks. Today, leave/unsubscribe from a community that no longer serves you. Then, participate in a community that does bring you joy.
Upcoming Events
September 29: Creative Morning Field Trip, Overcoming Burnout with Curiosity and Play (FREE, registration required)
October 2: Conscious City Guides, Ayurveda for Busy People ($99-$250, registration required)
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