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“Once in a while you need to take a break and visit yourself.” -Audrey Giorgi
I have been obsessed with this quote for the past few days. The theme this month at K.Cole Wellness is “Take a Break” and I have been diving into how important breaks are to our self-care practices.
What am I missing when I don’t take breaks to check and visit myself? A lot, actually. Sometimes I am moving so fast that I am not attuned to how I am really feeling or what I most need. Life has been teaching me to do things differently, though. Because the crash/burn cycle does not have to be the norm. Life can be more than rushing around both internally and externally. I am not going to lie, it is hard sometimes to take breaks. That pause can feel like it is not necessary. I feel like I could be doing more important things with my time. But then I realize that I am the important work of my day, too. That is why that quote just gives me goosebumps every time I read it. Breaks are a reminder that I am important. A reminder to see about me. A reminder to breathe in the spaces that feel tough right now. And a time for me to catch my breath as I navigate a life that often requires so much of my energy.
The next time you find yourself skipping out on the break remember this: Breaks are a simple way to prioritize yourself throughout the day. You are worth the time. You are worth the effort. You are worth the space.
So, take your breaks. Check-in with yourself. Listen for what you need. Then, give generously to you.
We will be taking an extended break on August 21 during our virtual retreat and would be honored if you joined us. We will practice self-care together and help you find tools that will help you prevent burnout. Get your tickets here (Black women use code BGM2021 for a 50% discount)
How will you visit yourself today?

Creative Self Care
Make a quick list of ten things that bring you a lot of joy. Read over the list throughout the day.
Self Care Makeover
Let me help you reimagine your self care routine! I am looking for some volunteers to try something. Fill out this survey and then I will give you personalized ideas to make over one of your self care routines!
Upcoming Events
August 21: Reclaiming Self Care: Virtual Retreat for Busy Women (cost:$50). Get your ticket for the upcoming virtual retreats. Join us for 90 minutes of creative self care and community! Your ticket includes: retreat ticket, a digital workbook, and 1 week of self care check ins via Loom. It is valued at $250, but tics are only $50*! Only 25 tickets are available, so Get you ticket now!
*In honor of Simone Biles being Black Girl Magic, use promo code BGM2021 for 50% off of your retreat ticket if you identify as a Black woman!
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