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Time to celebrate

Last week I had reason to celebrate. K. Cole Wellness officially became a Women’s Business Enterprise. I have a potential opportunity to do wellness work with an amazing organization. I had inspiring conversations with my friends and potential collaboration are emerging as a result. And thanks to a coupon from GrubHub, me and my husband were able to have an impromptu date night on Saturday once the kids went to bed.
Yet, on Sunday, I found myself thinking about what else I had to do. Bills to be paid. Getting COVID tests for me and the family. Writing this newsletter. Cleaning the kitchen. Prioritizing what to this week. And the list goes on. It felt like the goodness of the week was fading into the distance as I navigated all coming my way for the upcoming week.
This morning, I decided to go back and celebrate. I turned up this song and had a party in my office. And you know what? It felt exhilarating. It felt good. It was a reminder that I needed to energize my week. It is never too late to celebrate y'all. I am no longer going to overlook celebrating just because I sped by it the first time. I will return back to it until it becomes something I do more naturally.
Celebration is a practice. I will keep practicing, which might mean I need to backtrack because I forgot to do it the first time.
In this last week of Joyful January, I encourage you to go back and celebrate yourself. What did you do that you are proud of? Pause and sit with it. Nothing is too big or small. It doesn’t have to be something from last week. It can be something you did today. It can be something you did last year or a decision you made 5 years ago that you never really gave yourself credit for when it happened. Remember this is a practice so feel free to back and celebrate whatever you want.
Celebration is an act of noticing yourself and reveling in the joy of that noticing.
You are the joy.
You are here living, loving, and moving forward.
You are the celebration.
Embrace it.

The Joyful Woman's Guide to Self Care
Another thing I am celebrating is writing and now publishing this book. I am excited to share ways that you can start and maintain a self-care practice that brings you lots of joy!
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Joyful January
This month’s theme is all about joy. How are reflecting on joy this month? Listen to the Joyful January Playlist, too!
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