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The secret to taking breaks on a really busy day

Hey friends,
How has your week been going? If you are feeling all over the place, you are not alone! I am right there with you! There is so much going on in the world at large plus personal and professional responsibilities that it feels like a whirlwind doesn’t it.
In times like this, it is super important to make self-care as simple as possible. If not, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not do anything (which starts an icky cycle of not practicing self-care).
My go-to method to taking breaks on “back-to-back meeting kind of days” is this: Ask to start meetings 5 minutes later. I know it seems too simple, but it works. I have emailed or texted people and been upfront saying “I will be 5 minutes late to the meeting so I can take a quick break” People appreciate me communicating, rather than just showing up late. They also appreciate that I am clearly communicating a need I have. Interestingly enough, the other person usually takes a break too and we are able to dive into our meeting more joyful and focused.
Over time, the norm should be to schedule meetings with 10-15 minute buffers. That doesn’t always happen, but you can always start to create those buffers a little bit at a time. Small steps y'all.
How will you create an additional break for yourself today?

Self Care Tip
[Emotional Self Care] Name your feelings. When you have a strong or uncomfortable feeling, name it specifically rather than ignoring it. Here is a great tool to help you get really specific about what you are feeling.
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