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The most important question to ask

Hey y'all,
This week has been pretty mellow compared to last week. Last week was all about getting my daughter ready to go back to school after 17 months of being at home! Her school is very cautious–she had to get a COVID test; we had to buy lots of masks for schools; and attend many webinars on COVID safety. Of course we had to go school shopping and get supplies. On top of that, I got my second dose of the COVID vaccine (#modernagang) which left me feeling a little groggy.
We made it y'all and the kiddo started back  on Monday! She was too excited to go back! Because of her school routines, I feel like the whole family is getting into a groove again with our schedule.
One thing that has been on my mind this week as I think about structures and routines is really examining what is not working, particularly as it relates to how I manage my calendar and energy. Asking the question is not about shaming myself, rather it is about being curious about what no longer seems to be having the effect that I want. With curiosity, I can work on doing things differently.
Often, we try to choose the solution for our self care (or anything else) without really understanding what we truly need. Knowing what we need often means going to back to what is seeming to not be working or what doesn’t feel aligned.
One thing I learned this week: writing in my self care book (coming this winter!) has to happen in the morning. If I try to wait until the evening, my brain is not fresh and I am too sleepy to concentrate. Writing has to be the first thing I do before jumping on calls or checking emails. It has been working and I have written almost 6,000 words in 3 days compared to the barely 1,000 words I eeked out last week.
What is not working in your schedule or routine? Why isn’t it working? Allow yourself to really explore the question so you can come up with some solutions that will beautifully solve the problem.

Self Care Tip
[Creative Self Care] Look out someone’s window without ever leaving your house. Check out Window Swap and see the view from another part of the world. I love looking through windows for a few minutes on busy days.
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