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Slow down and savor the beauty

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“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before"- Maya Angelou
What a beautiful way to look at waking up, right? Today is a day you have not seen before or lived before. That kind of newness deserves a morning self care routine that makes you feel good.
So, how are you waking up in the morning? What morning practices nourish you? Having at least 3 self care practices for the morning can be so centering, especially on those not-so-great days when you want to hide under your blanket (if you need a Morning Energizer, check out the self care recipe on my blog)
My morning self care ritual changes day to day, but usually includes the following:
  • Writing in my Five Minute Journal (which includes what I am grateful for, my intentions for the day, and affirmations)
  • Holding a warm towel on my face for a minute
  • Eating a nourishing breakfast
If you don’t have morning rituals or if your routine doesn’t energize you, I have one simple suggestion: Slow down. Instead of trying to add new self care rituals just yet, slow down with what you currently do.
Brush your teeth a few extra seconds. When your alarm goes off take a deep breath before checking your phone. Dry off slower when you get out of the shower.
Those short pauses are quick and easy ways to sprinkle some self care into your morning time. Once you get good at that, then add a new ritual you have been wanting to try.
The morning is a start to a new day. Embrace that newness. Reclaim your morning and allow it to be really beautiful.
Remember: Self Care All The Time!
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