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Self care and bad days

Yesterday I had a bad day. I didn’t get a lot of sleep being up with the baby. I felt irritable and unfocused. I didn’t feel like doing any work. I started to journal because that felt like what “I should” do for self-care, but then I stopped because I didn’t simply didn’t want to. On bad days, I have to shift my self-care practices and that is ok.
Instead, I allowed the emotions and feelings to move through me, rather than try to “get over them”. This looked like sitting at my desk and crying. It looked like walking outside to feel the sun on my tear-stained face. It looked like being quieter than usual on two conference calls. It sounded like messaging a friend and simply telling her how I was feeling without needing an answer or solution. Then, it looked like taking a midday nap for an hour instead of trying to finish my checklist. It looked like making dinner later than usual and eating key lime yogurt in bed.
That evening, it looked like playing a card game with my daughter and feeling whispers of joy after a hard day.
Life is hard sometimes, y'all. Sometimes you have days that are just blah. Some days it feels difficult to navigate all the things on your plate. Self care does not mean you bulldoze past what you are really feeling to “feel better”. Cause feeling better doesn’t feel as good as feeling seen at these times. Self can simply look like noticing yourself and having compassion as you take it one step at a time. It can mean loving yourself –all of yourself–even the parts that are in the shadows.
If you are in the throes of a bad day/week/month/year, hold on (as Adele reminds us) and take it one step, one breath at a time. See yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Love on yourself. With no expectations.

Weekly Self Care Tip
[ Physical Self Care] Take a midday nap. Plain and simple.
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