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Self care accountability (yes its a thing) + the Online Business Playground Summit!

Hey y'all!
I was reminded yesterday just how important it is to have people who support your self care journey. I have been really focused on finishing my book manuscript and some other client work this week, especially with the holiday shortening the week.
My husband came into the office and asked if I had 5 minutes to spare. I said yes, thinking he needed me to help him with something. Instead he said, “Ok, why don’t you go for a walk for five minutes.” I had already planned to take the time, so I jumped up before my mind could try to get distracted with work. The five minute walk was refreshing and the sun shining made me feel happy.
That is what self care accountability looks like-gentle nudges from people who care about us–that remind us to take care of ourselves. This is especially helpful when you have one of those busy weeks.
Share your self care goals with someone you know and ask them to check in with you later this week. We hold each other accountable for everything else, why not have accountability focused on self care.
Do you have a self care accountability partner? If not, can you ask someone to hold space for you this week?

Self Care Tip
[Workplace Self Care] Clearing your desk or work area can have a calming effect on your brain. Set a timer for three minutes and organize, declutter your desk (or the corner that has the biggest pile). Doesn’t that feel good?!
Online Business Playground Summit!
Earlier this summer, my friend Lizzy Goddard posted that she was going to be hosting a summit in the fall. I immediately knew that I had to apply. And to my pleasant surprise…with over 230 applicants? 
Here’s the scoop:
The summit will include a group of 30 varied and diverse speakers (including me!!) to talk about the moments they were brave enough to take action on some out-there ideas:
💡 Ideas that didn’t play by the rules.
💡 Ideas someone might have told them were terrible.
💡 Ideas that seemed more fun than strategic, but they said yes to trying out anyway.
But most of all, ideas that taught them they can do business in a way that allows them to:
✅ be themselves at all times
✅ legit look forward to their workday
I’ll be talking about How to Reimagine Virtual Wellness Spaces!
Wanna learn more about this? Then sign up for the Online Business Playground Summit! 30+ experts will be covering all kinds of topics and sharing the ways they’re breaking the business “rules”. 
The best part? It’s FREE!
More info and grab your free ticket*:
*This is an affiliate link. If you click through my link and make a purchase, that means I may receive money at no additional cost to you. I only recommend events that I am participating in or know are amazing!   
Now Booking Group Workshops: Sept. and Oct
Is your organization looking for a self care workshop with an engaging workshop facilitator? Does your organization need a sustainable wellness program long term? I design and facilitate workshops, retreats , and wellness programming focused on self-care, play, and creativity. Want to set up a call to learn more? Fill out the inquiry form by clicking here.
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Reimagine your self care.

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