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Restoration may take longer than expected

Hey friends!
This late-night newsletter is becoming a trend. Yesterday, I got back from Arizona and I was exhausted after an 18+ hr drive with hubby, kiddos, and puppy–and I was not going to force myself to write the newsletter.
AZ was great y'all. I got to facilitate my first in-person event for K. Cole Wellness and my first time traveling for work since March 2020! With changing time zones, a teething baby, holding space at a retreat, and traveling during COVID–I was exhausted on all levels.
It was a lot to juggle and you know what I realized? I need more time to recoup. Normally one night of good sleep and some yummy takeout would make me feel restored, but not this time around. I plan to sleep in tomorrow and get outside once the rain stops. I am also going to do some stretching and chat with one of my best friends. And this messy house and some other things will have to wait. I am going to practice some more self-care and keep infusing it throughout the day until I feel replenished. Might take another day or might take a few days.
Sometimes restoration takes longer than we expect. Replenishing your energy may take longer for a variety of reasons. That is ok. Lean into your self-care rituals during those stressful times. Give yourself space to unravel, unwind, and relax. If you are more wound up, then it might take longer. No shame. This is real life.
You are a human doing so many things for so many people. Be patient with yourself. Be generous with yourself. Keep practicing self-care and keep coming home to yourself (thank you to Dr. Mead for that reminder today on our Zoom call!)
Talk soon!

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