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Hey y'all,
I have not written a newsletter in over a month and I miss y'all! Spring is upon us, even if the weather is not cooperating, and it is a time of physical and symbolic blooming. I feel like I am thawing out from what has been a wintry time in my life that has beckoned me to hibernate, rest, and reflect for the past few months. This pause has been uncomfortable at times when life has felt urgent, but has been the best thing for me.
The thought that is top of mind for me is: How do I want to live my whole life? When we talk about wellness, it is really about being whole. Bringing our whole selves to our lives shifts how we show up in it. For so long, I had done many things solely out of obligation and fear of disappointing people. But where is the joy in that? Yes, we have obligations and responsibilities, but we have the power to choose, too. Now I am asking : What do I desire? What is the best option for my life? How can I show up for myself as I show up for others?
The answer to these questions don’t always come easy. Sometimes I have to get really quiet to hear the answers when life is really loud. That is ok.I keep showing up because it feels like a treasure hunt that is leading me to make decisions that feel really good and allow me to show up fully. The gap between who I am and who I want to be is much closer than I thought as I get down to what matters most.
This life is for living y'all. This one beautiful life you are gifted is yours. You are whole. Go on and live your whole life. How might you show up if you believed that you were whole? How might you approach life if you made choices from a place of joy? What might you give yourself permission to do if you released the impossible to task of living a perfect life?
If you have been waiting for some sign or nudge to live your life differently, then consider this it.
You are whole. You are loved. You are enough. Every single day.

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Feature in Green Fix
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