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K. Cole Wellness Newsletter - Issue

My daughter is obsessed with the movie Trolls and one of her favorite songs on the soundtrack is “Get Back Up Again”. Poppy, the main character, gleefully proclaims, “And if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again!”
We normally think about getting back up again when it comes to certain kinds of goals. Think exercising or writing a book or moving forward after a big failure. You know the major things.
Yet life is more subtle than that. Sometimes we “fall off” of doing things that on the surface don’t seem as important (but actually are). Think making time for play, practicing self care when we feel good, or exploring our creativity. Yes, that matters too.
Often when starting a self care practice, you having to try so many things, especially if you haven’t set the best boundaries with yourself or others. For example, you want a self care practice around going to bed. You decide to give yourself 30 minutes to do your self care rituals. But life happens and you maybe do it once this week with a busy packed calendar. The natural tendency is to abandon it, right?
Let’s do something different. When it gets hard to keep your self care practice going, remember these things:
  1. Are you getting bored? Sometimes you have to make shifts in your
  2. Stay curious. Take not of what is working and not working from a place of curiosity, rather than shame or guilt.
  3. Baby steps + Patience. Work up to certain goals around your self care. If you want to be able to spend 30 minutes getting up in the morning. Start with 2 minutes. Do that for a week, then go up to 5 minutes and so on. Sometimes it takes a minute for you to adjust to a new way of being . It also takes time for your family and friends too.
  4. Get back up again. Your self care is worth doing. Repeat: your self care is worth doing. Things may not work the first time, but you get back up again. If you need some inspiration check out this blog post I wrote about Maintaining Your Self Care Practice
This getting back up again is so important in self care and is a direction I plan to take my work in self care and wellness.
So,reply and let me know:
Have you ever abandoned a self care practice?
Would coaching around creating a sustainable self care practice be beneficial to you?
Keep practicing Self Care all the time.

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