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K. Cole Wellness Newsletter - Issue #12

Busy days are going to happen. Some days you will have planned back to back calls. Or will have said yes to one too many things. It happens.
First things first: Breathe. While the ultimate goal is to create days that aren’t so hectic, that takes time. This means that you have to learn how to navigate those super busy days and still find pockets of space for your self care.
If you find yourself with a full calendar for the day or the week, here are few things to consider so that you can still make your self care a priority.
  • Don’t check emails first thing in the morning. On busy days, give yourself 5-10 minutes device free in the morning. Read, meditate, or stretch instead.
  • Eat: Plan to eat breakfast, lunch, and have snacks nearby.
  • Take one minute movement breaks every half an hour or an hour. Get up and move your body
  • Ask to start meetings 5 min later. If possible, tell people you will be five minutes late and use that time to practice some self care.
  • Get in bed early/on time. On busy days, resist the urge to work all through the night. You have done enough. Turn off the laptop, put the phone on do not disturb, and give yourself the gift of rest in the evening.
After making it through your busy week, celebrate and rest. Then, plan some open time in your calendar to reflect on how you will start creating a schedule that gives you more space and time to take care of YOU.
As I said over in the Self Care for Busy People community today: Your life is more than a to do list. It is more than having to get it all done. Your life is a beautiful, evolving, blooming experience that you get to fill with beauty and care.
Keep going.

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Self Care For Busy People Community
The Self Care for Busy People community is all about helping busy people (aka YOU) find simple, joyful ways to practice self-care in real life. The mantra: Self Care All The Time. I encourage you to join as we think about self care in more simple, joyful ways each week. Just click here and request to join.
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