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Is it really urgent?

Happy Thursday y'all!
This week has sped on by! I have been doing some work on rebranding K. Cole Wellness and I am too excited to share updates. First update: I have a new logo! It is lovely and brings me so much joy. I will be sharing more so stay tuned.
A few days ago I was talking to my self care accountability buddy (yes that is a thing!). We were talking about how self care can simply be giving ourselves more time to get things done. Sometimes a false sense of urgency has me thinking that I have to do things right away. Self care is looking like prioritizing what needs to get done right now and allowing the other things to simmer on the back burner.
I have been doing this the past few weeks and it has felt really good. I have been more present and am doing better quality work. Instead of “trying” to get three things done in a set time, I focus a larger chunk of time on the most important thing. It is actually helping me be more productive and temper expectations with various projects I have.
How can you give yourself buffers during the day? How can you give yourself more time to get things done?
Examine why you are putting too much on your plate. Is it because of a distorted sense of urgency that isn’t rooted in real deadlines? Start taking things off that plate little by little and give yourself space (btw if you want a community who will cheer you on as you do this, then join us for the August virtual retreat).
Let me know your thoughts about how you prioritize what you do during the day! Hit reply and let me know how I can help you with this!
Talk next week!

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Take a different path today. On a walk or drive, take a different route. What do you notice?
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Must Read
Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout by Setting Boundaries. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you will get some good nuggets about how to prevent burnout. One of my favorite quotes from the article: “Saying no from time to time supports greater long term success by creating space in your  schedule to scheme, dream, and refuel for what comes next.”
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