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How to say no with ease

I normally send the newsletter out in the morning, but today had different plans. I woke with my mind swirling -thinking about the kids, an upcoming trip, business stuff, and many other things. I needed to re-center my energy, so I spent time journalling, listening to music, and reflecting on the month.
This season of my life is requiring me to say no in order to have the energy to say yes to what matters the most. I will admit, it can feel difficult to say no. It can feel hard wading through the murky waters of guilt. Yet, I am learning that there is a way to say no with more ease + release guilt quicker and sooner.
It goes back to my values.
Last week, I sat down and reflected on my values. After a pandemic and other life transitions, my values have shifted. I used a values list to be specific about what was important to me. I thought about experiences I loved; those I disliked; and times when I felt completely aligned and alive. I quickly started to see a theme and identified 5 values. I wrote them down and the list gave me the goosebumps–a sign that I am on the right track.
Even though every experience may not check off all of the values, I am using it to prioritize. If something is only going to align with 1 or 2 of my values, then it is probably going to be a no. It is a simple barometer that is not about how someone might respond to me saying no.
Before I do anything new, no matter how big or small, I pause and check my values. It quickly becomes clear if something is:
-totally aligned
-maybe aligned with some modifications;
-or not at all aligned.
When I decide to say no, it actually feels good because I am rooted in my truth. It feels so good to align with my values and make choices from this space. I encourage you to take some time to revisit your values. Take some time to:
  • Think about your life–experiences you love, experiences you cannot stand, and times when you feel most in flow with your nature. Then go on a value search and explore.
  • Choose 3-5 values that resonate and give you goosebumps. (here is a long list and a short list)
  • Write your values on a card and keep them at your desk or somewhere you can see daily.
  • Time to make a decision? Check with your values! Then, make a decision with ease.
Need help figuring out some of your values? Hit reply and I can help!

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