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How do you really measure success?

When you think of your idea of success, how does it feel? That is the question I have been pondering over the past few weeks. It is easy to come up with external measures of success since we have been socialized to set goals in this way–think of having a certain amount of money, getting a degree, moving to a location, being debt-free, etc. While those metrics are important, it is more important to define a metric of success around how we want to feel. When I root into how I desire to feel, success is more spacious and attainable consistently rather than just for a few large goals.
My metric of success these days is playfulness. If I am feeling playful, curious, and free then I know I have achieved a level of success that matters most to me. I still have external goals, and they are shifting as I hold them up to the metric of playfulness.
In my book the Joyful Woman’s Guide to Self Care, I talk about play a lot because it is a truly a pathway to joyful living. If you are looking for a gentle, joyful approach to taking care of yourself, make sure to get your copy of my book!
Here are some other things that have been high on my playfulness meter these days:
🌈 Creating Room 5, a platform that is sparking curious conversation with children’s book
🌈 Watching birds and writing stories about it. Birds have drama ya’ll!
🌈 Listening to the latest Beyonce song while doing mundane tasks like balancing my checkbook and responding to client emails
Soooo, how do you want success to feel? Hit reply and let me know what your new metric of success metric is going to be!
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