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Hey Friends,
I am glad you are here. As you move into another year, it’s important to remember that each day is a new opportunity to love and to live. Thinking about the entire year can be overwhelming, so give yourself the gift of simplicity and focus on living this one day. Part of that living is discovering what you need and taking care of yourself accordingly.
I am here to walk the path with you as you explore and create self care practices rooted in joy and creativity. If that is what you signed up for, I can’t wait to keep diving in. If that doesn’t sound like what you need in the moment, its perfectly okay to unsubscribe.
As you navigate your self care journey, don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts. Hit reply so we can keep the conversation going. I also might have some specific resources to share when you reach out!
As we keep the self care conversation going, I want to share 3 exciting updates with you (and it only seems right to do it on the 3rd day of the month!)
  1. This newsletter will be published twice per month instead of weekly. That means it will be a bit longer and full of some new features like a monthly theme and a specially curated playlist. Playlists are one of my favorite things to do, so let me know what you think of the Joyful January Playlist. If you can’t see it in Spotify, let me know and I can send you the song list!
  2. I am offering 1 on 1 Self Care Coaching! If you have been wanting to focus on taking better care of yourself, now is the time. You deserve to create self care practices that feel just right for you and that feel good, too! Sometimes it takes some encouragement and exploration to figure that out. Let’s explore together with monthly coaching Sign up for coaching here.
  3. My book The Joyful Woman’s Guide to Self Care will be out later this month! I am so excited for you to read it and find more ways to infuse your self care practices with joy and creativity. I will be hosting a book club discussion to celebrate! Order details and book club info coming soon!
Thinking about our theme, what is bringing you joy today? What does joy feel like in your body?
Here’s to experiencing joy and living each day fully.

This month's Self Care Theme
With the launch of my book, I knew it was only right that his month’s theme be Joyful! This month reflect on what joy means to you and where unexpected joy might reside in your life. Listen to the Joyful January Playlist, too!
Upcoming Events
Are you a busy professional? Do you work in sectors like education, law, and healthcare? This is a unique wellness experience for busy professionals who want to feel less overwhelmed in their everyday lives.
The Joyful Woman's Guide to Self Care
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Reimagine your self care.

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