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Find your energy leaks

Good Afternoon!
So much of self care is learning to manage our energy and be aware of when our energy reserves need to be replenished. I have been learning that small energy leaks start adding up to major stress. These small energy leaks are things that I think I can do quickly or things I could delegate or things that are not the priority for me.
One thing that was an energy leak for me: meal planning. It wasn’t a huge thing but it was still slowly taking energy away from me. I tried a few things like: -signing up for meal prep subscription service; having designated themes for each night like Italian or vegetarian; and planning meals in a spreadsheet week. It still was not working and I still felt stressed.
One day my husband suggested that we eat the same exact meal on certain days and stick to it for a month. For example, Mondays we eat spaghetti; Tuesdays we eat chicken and rice; Wednesdays we eat cous cous with veggies, and so on. Then we knew exactly what we had to get from grocery store (and could order online faster) and there was no need to plan each week.
I was hesitant at first, but I tried it. And…. It worked! I thought we would need to plan monthly, but we have stuck with the current meal plan for about two months. It has made everything faster–delegating who cooks dinner; ordering groceries; and having a routine for the kiddos. During this busy season of life trying new recipes just isn’t a priority.
Turns out that closing up that leak has given me more energy for other things like playing with the kids, resting; and consistency.
Sometimes self care is finding just one energy leak and finding a new way to think about it.
What is an energy leak in your life that you can shift?

Self Care Tip
[Physical Self Care] If you are on Twitter, then you need to follow @tinycarebot It gives reminders in your timeline to drink water, breathe, and more. Love this idea of integrating bots with self care + social media.
**Thanks for the tip Jess!**
What I Am Listening To
Have you heard of mental subtraction? I hadn’t! It is a gratitude exercise, where you imagine what your life would be like without some of the most important relationships. It sounds morbid, but I promise it was one of the most heartfelt things I did today. Check out the Greater Good episode about How Not To Take People for Granted.
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