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Don't push through..go to sleep

I have been focusing on my sleep habits for the past few months. One thing that I used to stay up late night working until I fell asleep. I didn’t like how that felt so I decided to do an experiment. What if I went to bed earlier and worked on the urgent item early in the morning? Remember, self care is all about curiosity. Try something, then see how it works.
For the past few weeks, I have opted to go to sleep rather than try to stay up to finishing working on client projects. And let me tell y'all–it has been so eye-opening. Going to sleep allows me to wake up fresh in the morning and then work more smoothly in the morning.
I haven’t missed a deadline and my work is still good quality. I have gotten better about curating my calendar so I am not doing things last minute. And I have been waking up more rested. That feels good. I feel refreshed and energized. That meets my self care checklist, so I am keeping this habit.
Sometimes it feels hard to change our habits, but remember that there is something beautiful on the other side of growth: things like rest, peace, and clarity.
I hope that you stay curious about yourself today and graciously give yourself what you most need in the moment.
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Try This (Creative Self Care Exercises)
One of my favorite Artist’s Way exercises: “If you had 5 more lives to lead, what would you do?”
No wrong answers! Have some fun!
Must Read
“The tiny breaks that ease your body and reboot your brain. I am always talking about taking breaks and have been finding some really interesting articles about it. This article is all about how micro-breaks have significant impact. Take breaks often!
Upcoming Events
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What I am listening to
Toni Jones is a musical artist who makes the best affirmations. She puts powerful affirmations to music which will have you dancing and reflecting at the same time. Check her out!
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