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Decluttering the calendar

Hey hey!
This newsletter is being sent later because I have spent the morning re-aligning my calendar. Even though I start with an intention to keep a spacious calendar that allows me to focus my energy in the best way, life happens. This is why self care is a constant practice y'all.
Just like cleaning and decluttering our homes, we have to do the same thing with our calendars. Constantly. As a mom with 2 young children, I am quickly reminded that I cannot keep the calendar how I used to before I had kids. I don’t have the same capacity. And focusing is more of an art then science as I navigate a pandemic, being an entrepreneur, and nursing my baby boy. Or as my friend Donnie wrote this morning about her daughter, “Her life is my accountability partner.”
And that decluttering means disappointing people. It means giving myself more time to get things done. It means being honest about what I can actually handle. It means re-aligning with my value for space, beauty, and joy. Over on FB, I posted that “The constant urgency is not the race I want to run.”
What kind of race do you want to run? How can your calendar reflect that desire?

Self Care Tip
[Physical Self Care] If you are on Twitter, then you need to follow @tinycarebot It gives reminders in your timeline to drink water, breathe, and more. Love this idea of integrating bots with self care + social media.
**Thanks for the tip Jess!
What I Am Listening To
Have you heard of mental subtraction? I hadn’t! It is a gratitude exercise, where you imagine what your life would be like without some of the most important relationships. It sounds morbid, but I promise it was one of the most heartfelt things I did today. Check out the Greater Good episode about How Not To Take People for Granted.
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