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By Kandice

Reimagine your self care.

Reimagine your self care.

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Time to celebrate

Another thing I am celebrating is writing and now publishing this book. I am excited to share ways that you can start and maintain a self-care practice that brings you lots of joy! Get your copy in e-book or paperback today!


Finding Joy Everyday

With the launch of my book, I knew it was only right that his month's theme be Joyful! This month reflect on what joy means to you and where unexpected joy might reside in your life. Listen to the Joyful January Playlist, too!


Joy + Grief + Rest

[ Creative Self Care] Turn on some music. Imagine your feelings can dance and move in whatever way honors that.


Self care and bad days

[ Physical Self Care] Take a midday nap. Plain and simple.


What does self care mean to you?

[ Creative Self Care] Listen to an album from beginning to end. Enjoy the experience by either laying down and closing your eyes or doodling while you listen.


Consistently imperfect

[ Physical Self Care] Give yourself a massage. This practice, also known as Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage is a great wellness practice. Check out this article to learn more.


It's time to celebrate! 🎊 🎉

[ Spiritual Self Care] Take some time to sit quietly in nature and observe what is happening around you.


Let it gooooooo 💆🏾‍♀️

[ Work Self Care] Kleinscheiss Tag is a German way of consolidating tasks you hate and doing them at same time. I am going to try and report back about how it went! Read this article for more about it.


Restoration may take longer than expected

[Physical + Creative Self Care] Learn how to prepare your favorite food in a new exciting way. Cajun shrimp pizza, anyone?


One step at a time

[Creative Self Care] Think of 3 things you loved to do as a kid. Do one of those things this weekend.


How to say no with ease

[Physical Self Care] Engage your sense of touch today. Play in a water. Dig up some dirt. Go searching for rocks. Do something that if focused on touching and feeling.


Welcoming New Friends!

[Social Self Care] Think about your social networks. Today, leave/unsubscribe from a community that no longer serves you. Then, participate in a community that does bring you joy.


The Self Care Club is here!

[Physical Self Care] Do some stretching. Me and my family have been doing short stretching in the evening to music and it has been so relaxing! There are a ton of apps that have stretching routines and make it super easy.


Self care accountability (yes its a thing) + the Online Business Playground Summit!

[Workplace Self Care] Clearing your desk or work area can have a calming effect on your brain. Set a timer for three minutes and organize, declutter your desk (or the corner that has the biggest pile). Doesn't that feel good?!


Find your energy leaks

[Physical Self Care] If you are on Twitter, then you need to follow @tinycarebot It gives reminders in your timeline to drink water, breathe, and more. Love this idea of integrating bots with self care + social media.**Thanks for the tip Jess!**


Decluttering the calendar

[Physical Self Care] If you are on Twitter, then you need to follow @tinycarebot It gives reminders in your timeline to drink water, breathe, and more. Love this idea of integrating bots with self care + social media. **Thanks for the tip Jess!


The most important question to ask

[Creative Self Care] Look out someone's window without ever leaving your house. Check out Window Swap and see the view from another part of the world. I love looking through windows for a few minutes on busy days.


The secret to taking breaks on a really busy day

[Emotional Self Care] Name your feelings. When you have a strong or uncomfortable feeling, name it specifically rather than ignoring it. Here is a great tool to help you get really specific about what you are feeling.


Visit yourself

Make a quick list of ten things that bring you a lot of joy. Read over the list throughout the day.


Is it really urgent?

Take a different path today. On a walk or drive, take a different route. What do you notice?