Become your hero 💪

By Kasper Vancoppenolle

I'm on my way to become my own hero. Follow me on this journey, and hopefully you'll become your own hero too!

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Become your own hero - The future of my personal newsletter

Exactly one year ago, I hit "send" on the first issue of my personal newsletter to 52 subscribers. Now I have over 750 subscribers, and I lost touch.I started this newsletter as a personal project, without an actual goal in mind. I didn’t want to get thousand…


Nov 21st - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Hey hey, me again. Had some very inspiring meetings the last few weeks. You know, those kind of meetings that make you think: "Yes, that's the reason why I'm doing this. That's why I fell in love with entrepreneurship." Ok, enough with the emotions. Ready for…


Nov 6th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Back at it! Some fresh content for you this week. If you come across some interesting articles, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, tools... Feel free to share it with me so I can feature it here. Enjoy!


Oct 17th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Hi all! Thank you for reading the 7th issue of my personal newsletter. Made a small change to the lay out, to make it easier for you to scan through the mail. Have fun reading! 🙌 


Oct 1st - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Hi all! I'll be celebrating my 24th birthday this week (Oct 5th), yay! 🎂Here's a wrap up of my favorite content of the previous weeks. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy making it.


Sep 8th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Hey all! Another week, another email digest of interesting articles I stumbled upon this week. Enjoy! And as always, feedback is always appreciated 😉


Sep 1st - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

So... I guess it's been a while! But don't worry, I'm back, ready to share a lot of new must-read articles on startups, marketing & personal growth!


May 27th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

A bit later than expected, because this week was crazy busy. Next week I'll be following the "Growth Through Innovation" course at Vlerick. So excited! 😱Hope you like this week's wrap up!


May 17th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth 💪

Hey! Last week I started reading "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason while I was visiting Berlin with some friends. The book is over 90 years old, but the insights on personal finance are still so damn relevant! 🔥


May 10th - Startups 🚀, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Development 💪

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for joining my newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading it!