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By Kasper Vancoppenolle

May 17th - Startups πŸš€, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth πŸ’ͺ





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May 17th - Startups πŸš€, Marketing 🎯 & Personal Growth πŸ’ͺ
By Kasper Vancoppenolle • Issue #2 • View online
Hey! Last week I started reading β€œThe Richest Man In Babylon” by George S. Clason while I was visiting Berlin with some friends. The book is over 90 years old, but the insights on personal finance are still so damn relevant!Β πŸ”₯

Advice from 30 year old me to 20 year old me πŸ’ͺ
How to start building an audience when you don’t have any audience yet 🎯
17 Small Actions That Will Make Your Work Day Incredibly Meaningful πŸ’ͺ
Check out this amazing videoΒ of 50 Cent, Warren Buffet, Jay Z and many more sharing their opinions on college!
Startup Graveyard πŸš€
How to Really Choose Your Marketing Skills  🎯
Did you see this new inspiring Ted talk from Elon Musk on his vision of the future?
Wondering why your inbound marketing sucks? 🎯
Building a Startup Growth Engine πŸš€
That’s all folks!Β Let me know what you think of this week’s wrap up belowΒ πŸ‘‡
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Kasper Vancoppenolle

I'm on my way to become my own hero. Follow me on this journey, and hopefully you'll become your own hero too!

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