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Kartic Rakhra

July 15 · Issue #1 · View online

A weekly roundup of everything Blockchain & Crypto Currency curated with a lot of sarcasm, memes and gifs

Is it just me, or is there way too much noise around this thing called Blockchain? 💭

Okay, it’s not me. Blockchain, it seems, is at it’s ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’.  Thanks, Gartner. I have no idea what metrics you chose with that crammed up graph. But it helped make a point. So, 👍
Hmm, so it seems we’re expecting a lot from this technology. Well, time to shut down our devices and hide under a rock!
Of course not, Han Solo! I kid.
This is the time where we understand what this technology is and how it can truly bring about the change we keep reading about everywhere.
The evangelists have done a great job of building hope while at the same time they’ve used enough technical terms to keep the masses confused. Every time such a person (ahem, ‘blockchain expert/evangelist’) talks about how it is going to disrupt an industry, more often than not, this is the initial reaction:
5 mins later…
Don’t worry. I’ve been in that same spot. A bunch of times. And to think I am organising the India Blockchain Week in September! 
Smooth plug, Kartic. Real smooth.
I know. I’m great like that.
Anyways, coming back to the point. This newsletter is my way of trying to learn more about this tech by teaching it. So, I’m going to share a couple of Blockchain use cases every week around the tech along with a simple explanation while also trying to compare it with the existing solution.
What? You want more?... Urgh, fine!
I want everything, for free - Humans
I’ll also be sharing some interesting articles and blog posts on the subject. For simplicity, I’ve given each link a tag(s) based on the content. You can decide if it’s for you or not based on your level of understanding. 
Yes, I’ll do all that for you
Good Primer
Deep. Slightly technical.
Update. Good to know. Slightly technical.
Imp. for Bitcoin & Crypto enthusiasts/investors
Fairly technical. But interesting.
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