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Make it easier for your colleagues to practice self care

Happy 2021!
When I was teaching, the week before school started was chaos as staff worked to get everything ready for incoming students. One year, our principal scheduled a staff meeting and told us lunch would be provided. It was normal to have meetings during this week, so I planned my day around it. At the set time, my colleagues and I walked upstairs to the meeting room and found the room transformed. Imagine our surprise to find calm music playing, aromatherapy filling the air, yummy food, and several different wellness practitioners (acupuncture, massage, etc) present. Our principal told us that she was grateful for our hard work and wanted us to have a moment to breathe. That day I enjoyed acupuncture and a massage-both were amazing. I felt cared for and nurtured. I was more energized to dive back into getting my classroom ready.
Our principal could have taken an “easier route”. You know she could have given us a gift card; shared an article for us to read, or simply told us to take time for ourselves. But the reality is: that would have added stress and yet another thing on our overwhelming to-do list. I know for a fact I would have never scheduled and then actually made it to an acupuncture appointment! While I loved the services provided, what touched me the most was that our principal had taken away all barriers and pressure to us enjoying this. She scheduled the time in our day; she organized the food; and found the wellness services. All we had to do was show up. Simple. Easy. She created space for our wellness to be a priority.
As a leader, it is important to go beyond just telling your team members and colleagues to take care of themselves. Those reminders are important, but it is even more important to carve out time and create spaces and experiences where your colleagues can actually de-stress and relax in real-time. You have to be intentional about making wellness a priority with your colleagues and make it a path of least resistance for them.
How can you go beyond talking about self-care and wellness with your team and actually make room for them to do self care? Doing self-care is far more effective than simply talking about it.
If you need help in this area, I would love to be of service to you and your organization. Workplace wellness is an important part of my work and a major reason why I created the Space Workshop. Space workshops are virtual micro-retreats specially curated for busy organizations who want to prioritize wellness. Learn more about it here or hit reply and let me know if you want to book a workshop!
Keep taking good care of yourself.

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