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Kandice Cole Newsletter - Issue #4

In my consulting work, I have lots of meetings with various types of organizations. Since the onset of the pandemic, every meeting has begun the same way: everyone vents about how difficult it is to juggle work, home, pandemic fears, and life during these weary times. Everyone gives the empathetic nod over Zoom, sigh, or mhmm on the phone. Followed by silence.
Then, it is business as usual. Meetings forge ahead and people endure a meeting often with low energy, still feeling drained. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I believe there is a better way.
Many of y'all know that self care is a huge part of who I am and what I care about. I have done the burnout thing a few times and have been on a journey to disrupt narratives that says I can’t slow down or take care of myself. Taking care of myself always leads to increased energy, productivity, and joy. It is an investment that keeps on giving.
A few months ago, I started doing virtual micro-retreats for Black women, part of the Unbothered Black Girl Collective retreat series ( Our next retreat is next Saturday if you want to join us! ). Designing these spaces allows me to push my creativity and facilitate spaces where self care is prioritized. And seeing Black women take time to care for themselves, breathe, and relax is everything! Some of my past work as a consultant (creating a field day fun day for pre-service teachers for example) has alluded to this passion I have for creating spaces of self care, joy, and play for adults. Basically, I’m not new to this. Just new to presenting my work in this way.
I am thinking about the ways in which organizations can truly make self /soul care a priority in the workplace. Because it is not enough to just give employees and colleagues time to vent before moving on to business as usual during a meeting. Nope, dedicated time and space has to be given to create self care experiences for the very people who keep organizations and companies going. Yes, it is important to take care of yourself outside of work. No doubt. But I also think that organizations need to take responsibility for the well being of staff, who often are overworked and exhausted from trying to keep up with job expectations.
That being said, I am excited to begin rolling out some services focused on workplace wellness in my consulting/coaching practice! I will be designing and facilitating virtual (and hopefully in person) mini retreats and other creative self care experiences for organizations who desire to prioritize wellness and self care in new ways in the workplace.
Stay tuned for more details, but feel free to let me know if you know of any organizations who might be needing what I can offer!
Keep taking good care of yourself.

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