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Kandice Cole Newsletter - Issue #3

This is the first official newsletter and I thank you for subscribing! Allow me to introduce myself for those who don’t know my work:
I am a consultant, writer, and creator of the Unbothered Black Girl Collective.
I love to write and this newsletter is all about sharing my thoughts, wonderings, and aha about creativity, self-care, motherhood, figuring out what you want, and taking action on goals.
I have been thinking a lot about brainstorming and the ways that we sometimes limit this important, creative process. When you are creating something new or re-envisioning something, it is important to have a brainstorming space. I wrote a post recently about creating from your heart –which is where the brainstorming happens.
Your brainstorming space is NOT where you try to figure out how you will do it. This part of the creative process is NOT concerned with timelines, deadlines, budgets, etc.
The brainstorming space is the rich soil where you find the ideas that eventually you will move forward on.
My brainstorming space usually involves the following:
  1. Inspiration. During this time, I am devouring books, videos, articles. Anything that inspires me, that gets me thinking. One of my favorite newsletters is Creative Mornings, which curates a ton of great cool content from across the interwebs
  2. Lots of time. Time to think. Time to furiously write on a drawing board. Time let all the ideas get out of my head.
  3. Being in different spaces. I get my best ideas driving, walking outside, and taking showers. I will intentionally do brainstorming session in those spaces. I keep notepad near by so that when the ideas come I can remember them.
How can you give yourself more brainstorming space as you create new things in your personal and professional life?

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