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Can you take a break?


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September 21 · Issue #5 · View online

The official newsletter of Kandice Cole--all about self-care, creativity, and joy.

When I facilitate SPACE workshops, I always plan for breaks. This usually comes as a surprise to participants since the micro-retreats only last 60-90 minutes, but they eventually accept and appreciate the carved out time. I believe that we must normalize breaks. They don’t magically happen, especially in a culture that applauds us going nonstop.
It is all too easy to skip breaks when we are doing both professional and personal work. There is so much to gain, though, from making breaks a regular part of our daily routine, such as:
  1. Thinking time. Breaks gives you a chance to process information that you just took in. After conference calls, classes, readings, or meetings, it is important to give your brain time to integrate that info. You can do that periodically with regular breaks.
  2. Self Care Time. Breaks allow you to take care of yourself on a regular basis through the day. Having a few minutes to breath deeply, get some food, stretch, or dance to your favorite song can make a big difference in your day. Breaks can become built in self care time that you get to experience all day.
  3. Planning time. Breaks gives you space take care of things that could be a distraction later. You know things like scheduling a doctor’s appointment; checking your bank account; or running an errand. Breaks give you a chance to do those things throughout the day so they don’t all pile up later.
Breaks matter y'all. Before you skip a break, think about the benefit. It may take a minute to make it a part of your routine, but it will be worth your while.
How can you incorporate more breaks into your busy day?
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